Web Hosting Buying Guide – Secret Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Web Hosting

Web Hosting Buying Guide is an article that is going to be very useful for you. In this article i will share with you Web Hosting Buying Tips and Secrets and you must keep in mind these secrets before buying a web hosting. So Let’s get started with short intro of Web Hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Buying Guide - Secret Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting and I’m gonna tell you about How it works. So imagine that you have just come up with a new business idea and you want to open a store somewhere in your city.

You can register your store’s name, you can come up for the store logo, you can even make a product but none of that will matter unless you rent a physical space to set up your shop.

This is exactly How WebHosting works on the Internet. So Web Hosting is just a service where you’re able to rent space on the internet and fill it with all of your TEXT, MEDIA, VIDEOS and go live with your website.

So when you start a website all of your website text’s, pictures, videos and buttons, these all have to be stored on a physical web hosting server somewhere that’s connected to the Internet.

In Simple words, you need to store your data somewhere on the internet and WebHosting companies have buildings filled with these servers. They even provide you with design platforms, security, support, and much more services.

So Web hosting will no longer be confused with buying a domain name. So when you buy a domain name that is just like securing the address where your online shop will be set up and hosted. You can also read How To Buy Good Domain Name (Complete Guide) and How To Buy An Expired Domain (Complete Guide).

Web Hosting is what allows you to set up that online shop and be visible to anyone in the world through online web hosting server. So if you bought domain name for your website but you didn’t get web hosting then you just type in your domain name and it would just take you to a screen that says this website is parked but not active.

So in order to go live you must need web hosting. So that’s what web hosting is and a little bit about how it works. If you have an idea for a website and you want to start designing it.

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Important Tips For Web Hosting Buying Guide

When you are planning to buy perfect web hosting for your website, there are many points that are very important to check before buying.

  • Trusted Hosting Company
  • Hosting Support
  • Website Builder
  • Solid State Drive
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Scalability
  • cPanel Access
  • Security
  • Location
  • Backups & Restore
  • User Review

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Trusted Hosting Company

The very first point is that always choose a trusted hosting provider. Don’t buy web hosting from such companies that not trusted because if you buy hosting from a company that is not trusted, you may lose your money in the future.

So before buying web hosting must check out company history and trust. I have already review Top Trusted Web Hosting Companies. You can check by clicking on this Link.

Hosting Support

This is also a very important point because time to time we need hosting support for different issues. Suppose we face some hosting issues like “Connection timeout error”, “Slow speed issue”, Security issues”, “Backup and Restore”, “DNS updation”, “Name server Updation” and whatever.

In that case, there are many problems that we cannot solve ourselves and need expert help. So if your hosting company support is fast and good live chat support then you will definitely solve your problem quickly.

In other conditions, if your hosting provider gives you a slow response or asks for submitting a ticket regarding your problem, this is a very big drawback for you.

Because they will respond to you too late and that period you will lose your website traffic and revenue. So its recommended for you to check web hosting provider support services before buying web hosting.

My recommended web hosting companies for super-fast live chat support that is “Namecheap“, “Bluehost“, “A2Hosting” and “Siteground“.

Website Builder

Now these days, most hosting providers offer the tools you need to create a good and professional website, whether you’re a coding master or a total beginner.

Modern website builders, such as Boldgrid offer templates with easy to use drag and drop function to allow you to create a slick-looking professional website without the need to hire a web designer or coding.

Keep in mind that a lot of popular website builders such as WIX or Weebly, are proprietary in nature. They are not, in the traditional sense, strictly web hosting organizations. You will be limited in what you can do and lack of flexibility can be detrimental if you want a little more pizzazz.

Solid State Drive

Although SSD drives are too much expensive than standard HDD drives. This is a good reason, SSD Drives are much faster than the traditional spinning disk drives, also more reliable and consume less power.

SSD Drives do not come with any moving parts. So they run with reliably, silently, and make for a durable and energy-efficient option for data storage.

Expect HDD hard disk drives to remain popular for a long time though especially in the value part of the market where “free” and “unlimited” still rule the roost.


Web Hosting Bandwidth describes the quality & level of traffic. Data allowed to travel & transfer between your site users and the internet.

Each Web Hosting company will offer different types of bandwidth. This can be an indication of which Web Hosting company has the best networks, connections and systems.

If you have a small business with thousand or fewer visitors per month, you don’t need to worry too much about bandwidth.

Most major Web Hosting companies will provide all the bandwidth you require on their cheapest hosting account, from as little as $1/month.


Mostly Web Hosting plans will offer “unlimited” storage capacity, but that comes with restrictions. However, for small business websites, a low cost shared hosting plan will serve all of your storage needs.

It is unlikely you will need more than 1GB of storage unless you have lots of data like videos or music files on your website.

Mostly WebHosting companies will not accept that users use them only as a file server service. For that, you can use online services like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Scalability is twice as important: Firstly you need your website to be able to handle huge spikes in visitor numbers.

Secondly: You need a Web Hosting provider you can organically grow with, as your business and subsequent web traffic increase. When you are choosing a hosting provider look at how easy it will be to upgrade should you need to?

Can your web host move you from an entry level shared hosting plan to an intermediate Virtual Private Server (VPS). When website traffic reaches a certain level, without any downtime for your website? It may be that your business experiences seasonal fluctuations in web traffic. That needs to be supported seamlessly.

For example, A Christmas Tree retailer is likely to experience a substantial influx of web traffic in Month of December. Scalability from a web hosting provider will enable the website to handle the traffic fluctuations without failing.

It’s important for your website to be able to handle growth and any sharp spikes of visitor numbers. Ensure you choose a web host that offers the opportunity to upgrade to Virtual Private Server (VPS).

cPanel Access

When you sign up for a web hosting account, you will be provided with a Control Panel (cPanel) for managing your hosting account.

You will also need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account access to your files. FTP is the most common method used to transfer your files or web pages and other files from your computer to the web host’s server to be hosted.

Look at the maximum file size as this may restrict your ability to upload website media files. Many providers will also offer an online file manager from cPanel which is useful.

If you are away from your usual workstation and have to do a quick and instant update to your website, even from your smartphone.


Irrespective of How you want to use your web host. You will need to make sure the web host equips you with adequate security features.

The good web hosting providers usually roll in a wide variety of security features and you will need to decide which ones are important for you depending on the type of website you plan to roll out. It’s Needless to say, the requirements of a personal blog are significantly different from that of an eCommerce portal.

At a bare minimum, you will need to make sure you have access to some sort of spam prevention tools. There are lots companies to choose from including SpamAssassin, Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and more.

SSL certificates are also considered essential these days and help increase the trust score of your website. Best of all you can get free with Let’s Encrypt project that also provides tools to help you to add a certificate to your website as well.

Finally, if you plan to conduct financial transactions on your website, you will have to look for solutions to help mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks as well.

Solutions such as SiteLock and CloudFlare are most popularly used to extend this protection and also offer several other useful features.


The closer of a data center is to your visitors, the faster the page loading will usually be. If it is likely all of your visitors will come from one special area, choose a hosting provider with a data center nearby.

Even if that’s not the case, you can always buy a hosting package that includes the option of a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) will host a copy of the page and the static content of your website when it is accessed from a territory. Caching, as it is known, means that visitors to your website will always get the data from the nearest server to their location.

So it will be beneficial for you if you choose web hosting server nearest your country. If you want to target specific country traffic then choose the nearest server location of your targeted country.

Backup & Restore

Website backups are a critical service you should receive from a hosting provider. Not all hosting providers offer this service as part of your bundle.

So make sure you ask Backups will usually be taken off your website daily/Weekly automatically and kept for seven days, enabling you to restore your website at any point if needed.

Backups usually include both the website files (Static) and the website database (Dynamic). Reasons you may need a backup of your website due to include a fire at the data center, Website Hacking, Human error and component failure.

In these conditions, You may also decide to backup your files to a third party like Google Drive or locally on your computer and it’s really important.

Because in case of any critical situation, If you have a backup of your website you will be safe in every way, otherwise you may suffer a loss.

User Review

The last point is User Review. This is the easiest way to check out any hosting company services. Go to Google.com and type the name of the web hosting you want to buy and type a user review word at last.

For Example Open Google.com and type “Bluehost user reviews“.

Now you will find many user reviews. Read all these reviews and guess what most people say about the hosting you want to buy.

All web hostings have some pros and cons. So read relevant web hosting pros and cons and let’s choose what people said about relevant web hosting.

Now it’s up to you to figure out what people are telling you more about your relevant hosting (Pros or Cons). If you think more people describe web hosting pros and you can choose this hosting.

On the other side if you think mostly people talk about hosting cons you can leave this hosting and choose another one.

Types Of Web Hosting

There are 4 major types of Web hosting and we are going to discuss these 4 main types of Web hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Managed) Web Hosting and We will try to understand which one is best for your website.

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Dedicated Web Hosting
  4. Managed Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Now Let’s get started! The first type of hosting that we’ll be discussing is Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is basically the communism of hostings. You and a bunch of websites, because there are so many out.

There are going to share a single space which in this case will be a server and the thing is with shared hostings that you don’t have any idea what kinds of websites sharing space.

This can be a pet barbershop in Utah, or a poetry slam website and each of these websites has certain limitations on their storage and traffic set by the host which in our case will be the landlord of this commune.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of shared hosting. Shared hosting is very cheap, which is a huge advantage for the newcomers to website ownership and management.

It can cost you from $2 to $5 per month to host your website on a shared hosting platform. You can read our select Top Best and Cheap Web Hosting Companies where you can buy best and cheap web hosting for your website.

Another major advantage for newcomers is the fact that a lot of technical aspects of maintaining your website is covered by the shared hosting platform. However, you should keep in mind that there are lots of websites that they need to take care of and maintain. So this might not be the best type of website maintenance that you will receive.

This is why if you’re going to pick shared hosting, you better be sure that you can trust this shared hosting company. Now let’s move on to the disadvantages of shared hostings. Signing up for a shared hosting platform, you may encounter the following problems.

So one of the main disadvantages is that your website is going to be very slow in case you hosted with shared hostings and it is going to be a lot slower than dedicated hosting providers or managed hosting and this is not only bad because you will lose a lot of potential users coming to your website and getting tired of it loading very slowly and then leaving.

But it is also very bad because you will have lower chances of ranking high on Google and ranking high on Google is essential because you want to have more traffic and through grow your business through that traffic.

Problem 2. Remember we discussed that you will be sharing your server with a bunch of other websites? Well the problem with this is that if one of the websites that sharing the space with is getting hacked, your website will be compromised as well Share a server, share an issue, right?

Problem 3. Because you’re sharing space with other websites, and one of the websites suddenly gets a huge amount of traffic coming to their website, your website might be compromised by this.

Because its performance might become slower or even it can become unavailable. Also, even if your website is getting more traffic, your website performance may still not be perfect.

Problem 4. is the distinct lack of scalability. So You’re basically stuck with whatever resources your hosting platform gives you and if you want to have more resources, you simply need to upgrade. There is no scalability or elasticity options for you.

So who should choose shared hosting? However, if you are an absolute beginner and don’t need a lot of resources, and a great amount of performance, then you might wanna start with shared hosting, because later on you are still going to wise up and change your hosting platform.

Even then Shared hosting is best option for beginners because its cheap and affordable specially if you want to start your very first website and you never know whether your website will succeed or not in the future.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Now Let’s move on to the second type of hosting, which is VPS, short for Virtual Private Server. It is something in between shared and dedicated hostings and let me explain to you how it works.

So you basically have your very own server, which is isolated and placed within a bigger server. So all the websites you share space with they are going to have their separate servers isolated and placed within a big server.

You see how this is a bit like shared hosting? However, it’s also quite a bit like dedicated hosting because you do have this sense of responsibility and illusion of having your own server.

However, it is still different. These are all the advantages of VPS:

First: You have root access and way more options of customization in both hardware and software.

Second: VPS offers you better security than shared hosting: meaning the performance of other websites that you are sharing the space with are no longer a concern of yours.

Third: VPS typically costs less than dedicated hosting. So per month you would basically pay about 30 to 40 dollars for VPS hosting.  In all technical aspects, including website performance, a VPS is a lot better than shared hosting.

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages of a VPS:

So the First disadvantage is that you will need more technical knowledge if you are going to choose VPS. If you are not a tech-savvy or you aren’t willing to learn any technical aspects of maintaining, running a website, then VPS is certainly not for you.

Second: Even though you’re largely isolated from your neighboring sites, you’re still not 100% protected from  whatever’s happening in the server that may have an impact on your website.

And,finally, of course, you do get some sort of responsibility and ownership of your server. However, this flexibility is not close to what you would get with dedicated hosting.

Dedicating Web Hosting

The third type of hosting that we’re going to discuss today is dedicated hosting. So, what’s dedicated hosting? It kinds of lives up to its name.

Iit is a server dedicated to one owner “One server – one owner” is the rule. Here you get more freedom and  responsibility over your server:

However maintaining and setting up the server is not an easy task. If you’re a major tech nerd, developer, or a business owner who has a whole IT team dedicated to that task then you would be fine.

There are plenty of advantages to dedicated hosting:

Firstly, if you switch from shared hosting or VPS to dedicated hosting your website performance will improve a lot , and Google and your visitors will highly appreciate that.

Second you get so many choices: Linux or Windows? What software to use? If you know a thing or two about tech, it’s always nice to decide. And of course, those shared hosting worries about other websites’ security, messing up your website security or speed will be long gone.

As great as an unmanaged hosting is, there are a couple of disadvantages: For example, believe it or not, there is a lot of server maintenance and setting up that you will need to do, most people could not have cared less about this and setting up and maintaining the server is a lot!

There are the backups, performances, software, etc, etc. and most business owners prefer to focus on growing their business and growing their traffic rather than focusing on maintaining and setting up the server.

Here comes the biggest disadvantage: Dedicated hostings are surely more expensive than both shared and VPS. Usually, it’s around 150 or 250 dollars a month, if you ever mess up and need help, the hosting provider will also charge you for that.

So, dedicated hosting is perfect for big business owners who have their separate IT departments, and want everything done exactly they want and don’t care even for the cost.

Managed Web Hosting

The last type of hosting is Managed Web Hosting. Managed hosting is when all your worries about all your server and website maintenance – just poof, vanish.

It’s like having your own IT staff but for a dismal fee: speed, security, it’s all taken care of by the host and on top of that, you have your very own isolated environment, meaning you get all the advantages that you would get with the dedicated hosting with none of the disadvantages.

You may be wondering, “What about the cost?” and that is true. Before managed WP hostings would cost you more than dedicated hostings but now – and this one’s a secret for most of the world – you can get managed hosting at the price of shared hosting.

We have talked about its pricing in detail in this article and it also explains in detail which hosting will be better for you.

So here are main advantages of managed Web Hosting: First of all, Managed Web Hosting will make your website a lot faster than any of those other hosting types. I mean Lightning fast. I mean A Google PageSpeed score of 95+ fast.

You can also get lots of benefits with managed web hosting like

  • Efficient server monitoring
  • Fast and Secure
  • Stronger security
  • Not Just OS Management
  • Data backups
  • Save money and time
  • Reduce your operating costs

Now that you have gained a deeper understanding about what is Shared Web Hosting, What is VPS, What is Dedicated Web Hosting and What is Managed Web Hosting services.

Still Confused? Move to this Article and clear your doubts also ask your question in the comment section.


In this Web Hosting Buying Guide, I have tried my best to explain everything in an easy way and I hope you understand that too.

However, if you have trouble understanding something, you can ask in the comments section and I will do my best to answer all your questions as well.

Maybe there is a difference in what I have said. If you think so, you can tell in the comments section.

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