Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You – Beginners To Pros

Welcome back to NewAgeBloggig with another article. Today we will talk about Top Web Hosting  Providers in 2020 and beyond.

Hi Guys, My Name is Adeel Qadir and I do reviews on hostings and digital tools on this blog also share with you online earning ideas and tips.

So If you are on this Blog for the first time, I will give the quick intro about me. I am in the web business since 2014 and I have used various hostings For 1 year.

I have been comparing various hostings and doing detailed reviews on this Blog. I have purchased these hostings, analyzed them in detail, and given my opinions on it.

So I will compare Top Web Hosting Providers. This article is not inspired by anyone else I am not copying anyone or doing this article in this Blog.

So I am sharing my experience with the Hosting Companies in the last 5 years. You will also find the affiliate link, which means If you purchase, I will get a commission, without you paying any extra costs.

You will also get extra discounts if you use my Discount Coupon Code. All this would help me in doing unbiased and genuine review articles and also bringing up the well-detailed review content.

If you liked this my blog, then you can use my links, it really helps me a lot. So Let’s get started Web Hosting Reviews with,

Bluehost (My Favorite & No.1)

Bluehost is our best overall web hosting service. Bluehost is a very popular web hosting service with millions of websites hosted around the world.

It’s really great for personal and small business websites and blogs with several hosting plan options. You’ll be able to find one that best suits your needs.

Their regular priced plans start as low as $2.95 per month on a one-year subscription like most web hosting sites. Bluehost offers instant free domain registration if you sign up for the minimum one year web hosting.

As far as the hosting plans go Bluehost has categorized them into three major areas with straightforward names shared plans, VPS plans, Dedicated plans including a plan just for WordPress.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

Within each of these categories, you’ll also have different options to choose from it may seem quite confusing when you go to sign up but the website manages to guide you through the whole process.

So you can sign up for the best hosting plan that suits your needs whether it’s for Blogs, Business or eCommerce. There’s a plan for you the key features are WordPress tightly integrated with dedicated WordPress hosting options.

Ease of use managing and maintaining your website is straightforward bandwidth plans include Unlimited Bandwidth, Money-back guarantee comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The major Pros are customer support, Bluehost give great customer support with live chat email and even a 24/7 support line variety of hosting plans from personal blogs to business solutions for Small, Medium and Enterprises.

Bluehost has a variety of hosting plans to meet your requirements. Storage even the basic shared hosting plans offer Unlimited Storage and for the cons renewal rate the first year for most plans are extremely competitive.

However, renewal rates are generally high. Only U.S servers many hosting companies have servers and miR sites around the world speed depending on your plan.

Sometimes the speeds can perform under par site migration service not free it will cost you to move an existing site to Bluehost.

Bluehost is a great web hosting option for Personal and Small Business websites and Blogs. They offer some of the best introductory prices available and provide reliable and secure hosting services. It’s easy to use and maintaining your site is fairly easy.

Bluehost is one of the best and my favorite Web Hosting due to its fast speed and 99.9% uptime.

Now I am talking about “” There is a big difference in “.com” and “.in” as separate servers are used. So let’s start with its Pros,

  • Same Price for Shared and Managed WordPress hosting.
  • The first pro is the interface, which is very easy and simple for beginners to set up their WordPress Website.
  • Its Support is fast 24×7 live chat (I really like its support)
  • It has a good uptime and it easily handles more traffic load

So if you are planning to buy good and cheap Web Hosting BlueHost is ever the best option for you because at this price point, because Bluehost offers the same price for Shared and Managed Web Hosting that is already cheap.

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Namecheap Shared Hosting

Namecheap is very popular for domains and also this is a very trusted hosting company. I recommend Namecheap due to its cheap price plan and good customer support.

It is an affordable web hosting but the problem is that, their data centers are only in the US and UK. They don’t have any data centers in Singapore and Asia and i think this is the biggest drawback.

Now talk about Namecheap customer support, So far whenever I have felt the need for support, the Namecheap team has helped me in every way and solved my problem.

Each time, Namecheap told me how to solve my problem by myself with step by step tutorial, and sometimes When I didn’t solve the problem by myself, the Namecheap team solved the problem for me by herself.

So personally I am using Namecheap Shared Web Hosting for my two websites and so far I haven’t had any problems with my websites.

So if you are a newcomer and want to start your first blog, Namecheap is ever the best option for you, especially when you getting traffic from the USA Or UK and you are looking for cheap hosting with Cpanel then you can look over to Namecheap.

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EasyWP By Namecheap

EasyWP comes from the Managed Hosting (Special Hosting For WordPress) of Namecheap. There is a major interface difference between Shared Hosting and EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting. You can also read the Difference Between Shared and Managed Hosting From Here.

You will also find the infrastructural differences Talking about its Pros,

  • Its speed is quite fast than shared hosting
  • Pricing for the 1st year is comparatively very less
  • The dashboard is quite simple and easy to use
  • A beginner can easily set up a WordPress website.

Now Talking about its cons,

  • You can only host 1 website and doesn’t matter which plan you take
  • No automated backups option available
  • Their servers located in the USA
  • There are no servers located in Asia or Singapore

Talking about the downtime, its uptime should be good since its a cloud and managed WordPress hosting. It should be 99.9% but in my case, it was 99.5%. So it is decent but it could have been better.

Their servers located in the USA and there are no servers located in Asia. So if your audience is from the USA and you want fast hosting at the cheapest pricing, then EasyWP is an ideal choice for you.

So if you need Managed WordPress Hosting for only a single website Namecheap EasyWP is the best option for you because its cheap web hosting and ever best for Small Business website or Blog.

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A2 Hosting (Choice Of Popular Bloggers)

A2 Hosting is a popular hosting and offers huge discount packages. Here you can see their 4 plans.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

It starts at $2.99 and goes up to $14.99. So their plans are a bit expensive. The Drive Plan and Turbo Boost Plan has a major difference.

Turbo Boost Plan has used Litespeed servers which are fast and good. So you will find a varying difference among these 2 plans.

There are many varieties of plans, Every plan has a different performance. So the performance of the plans may vary a lot. I would talk about its Pros first and its major pros are its return policy.

You can claim your return at any time on a pro-Rata Basis. If you have purchased a 4 yr hosting plan and you have used it for 1 yr only, then you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years.

  • Data centers are available in Singapore
  • You will get a good speed especially if you take their shared hosting turbo boost Plan
  • The special thing that differentiates it from all other hosting companies is their return policy
  • You can claim your return on a Pro-Rata Basis
  • If you have purchased a 4 yr hosting plan and you have used it for 1 yr only, then you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years

So I have not seen this in any of the hosting providers. You will find this exclusively in the A2 Hosting and this feature differentiates it from all other hostings.

Talking about the Cons,

  • Sometimes, I have experienced Downtime,
  • I have seen its uptime of 99.56% and expecting 9.99%
  • If you need backups, extra SSL, you will have to pay for it
  • If you need VPS Litespeed servers, then you will have to pay extra
  • Firewall, Sitebuilder, Cloudflare, Malware, for every extra addon you will pay extra

So will I recommend A2 Hosting? A2 Hosting is a good option for everyone at this price point But there are some special scenarios, where you can think about buying it also this is the favorite web hosting of many popular bloggers.

Scenario 1: When its discounts increases

Now you are getting it at a 66% Off, but when a sale occurs, it reaches up to 75% off. So at a 75% off, it is worth it, for buying the Turbo Boost Plan.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

Scenario 2: When you require more space for your website. For example, you are getting 100GB SSD Storage for your website. So if you need more space for the website then you can head onto their starter plan.

Scenario 3: When you don’t know the time period of keeping the hosting Usually, it happens, that we buy hosting for 4 yrs and within 1 yr we have to abandon our tasks. So in that case, you can take a refund for the remaining years.

So again I said if you are looking average Web Hosting with 2x fast website speed and good uptime A2Hosting is the best choice for you also A2Hosting is recommended by Top Bloggers.

So click on the below button and use our Discount Link to get an extra discount right now.

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Get 20% off all New HostGator Hosting plans with Coupon: SNAPPY.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

This is our best value per dollar web hosting service. Hostgator is one of the biggest and oldest web hosting providers in the industry and offers extremely affordable shared hosting packages for different use websites.

Whether you have a personal blog or a flourishing midsize company or an e-Commerce shopping site. Hostgator has a hosting plan for you.

Their regular priced plans start as low as $2.75 per month on a one-year subscription. They’re shared hosting plan comes in three variations depending on your requirements and they call them Hatchling, Baby and Business.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

For those on wordpress hostgator also has WordPress cloud hosting aptly called the WordPress cloud hosting plan that offers two and a half times faster load times than WordPress hosted on traditional servers.

One of the big bonuses of Hostgator is that you get a lot of unlimited features including unlimited disk space. So you can store as much data as you need unmetered bandwidth.

So you can provide an unlimited amount of data to your site visitors and unlimited databases. So you can have as many WordPress installs as you want. The key features are WordPress offers dedicated WordPress hosting.

Cloud Hosting Offers,  Cloud hosting for additional speed and other benefits. Hostgator website builder comes with a free website builder good for anyone that wants to get a basic website up and running quickly.

MoneyBack guarantee comes with a 45 day money-back guarantee. The pros are free site migration move. Your existing site to site ground without additional costs free backup, free weekly automatic backups and restores.

Firewalls offer, Customized firewalls against DDoS attacks.

Unlimited Storage, you can store as many files as required unlimited bandwidth shares much data on your website as you want and for the Khans domain names registering and renewing some domain names is more expensive.

Features some speed security and extra features are only available with the cloud and managed wordPress plans.

Hostgator is one of the biggest web hosting sites around and offers some free features but most extra features come with higher plans.

It’s great if this will be your first website with plenty of options and hosting plans.

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DreamHost is one of the longest-reigning web hosting providers in the market. Today they offer easy-to-understand hosting plans with affordable pricing and enough features to run a decent sized website without any problems.

They also have some nice features for anyone creating a website for the first time. The regular priced plans start as low as $3.95 per month on a one-year subscription and cloud hosting starts as low as $4.50 per month on a one-year subscription.

DreamHost is an independently owned and operated hosting company. You can be assured that for DreamHost to have remained successful for so long.

Their customer satisfaction runs very high since speed and load times are critical for websites. You’ll want to make sure your website is hosted on a fast server.

DreamHost offers cloud hosting for greater speeds you can run a DreamHost cloud server for as long as you need and only get charged up to 600 hours or 25 days in a given month.

All accounts come with 100 gigabytes of block storage and free bandwidth invoices and no surprises at the end of the month.

Their servers are ready for SSH in less than 30 seconds on average thanks to a smart architecture based on SSD disks accelerated networks and fast next-gen processors.

The key features are WordPress offers dedicated WordPress hosting money-back guarantee comes with an industry-leading 97 day money-back guarantee.

The pros are uptime they have an impeccable uptime record at 99.9 percent of customer service support is great with fast response times with 24/7 live chat and email.

For the Cons no cPanel, cPanel is a convenient way to manage various aspects of running your website and instead use their own control panel for those familiar with cPanel.

It takes a little getting used to no phone support although their customer service is great there’s no phone support.

DreamHost is an independently owned hosting company and since it’s not part of a bigger conglomerate. You won’t feel like you’re just another paying cost.

They’re hosting plans reflect that they can cater to individuals especially newbies and smaller businesses. So if you’re looking for a cloud hosting company that seems more concerned for your website over the bottom dollar then DreamHost is definitely worth a look.

Want To Buy?

Siteground (Most Popular But Expensive)

This is a great overall web hosting service. SiteGround is one of the fastest growing independent hosting companies.

Hosting at an independent company is like shopping at your local store versus shopping at Walmart both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs.

Ttheir regular priced plans start as low as $3.95 per month on a one-year subscription. Siteground has elevated the industry standard when it comes to high performance web hosting and wordpress hosting services.

What sets Siteground from the pack is their server speed with all the work you put into designing. Your website and making it user-friendly will suffer greatly.

If the site speed is sluggish websites hosted with SiteGround load even 5 times faster than being hosted on many other sites.

One of the reasons for the incredible speed bump is that SiteGround uses SSD storage for all the databases and sites. They also use NGINX web server technology and other features to focus on bringing better speed to your website.

If you find you need assistance you’ll find their customer service and support amazing with average response times of under 10 minutes whereas the industry averages around 45 minutes live chat, live phone and support tickets.

Make sure you’re always looked after site grounds hosting plans only come in three flavors that they call Startup,  GrowBig and GoGeek.

Top Web Hosting Providers And Which One Is Perfect For You - Beginners To Pros

It doesn’t sound much better than hatchling baby and business but it’s essentially the same types of plants. Within each plan, there are different options and levels to customize your hosting plan that suits your needs.

For the Pros,

The key features are fast innovative speed technologies to increase site performance security, add security to keep your files and website from cyber threats.

MoneyBack guarantee comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The pros are free site migration move your existing site to site ground without additional costs.

Free Daily automatic backups and restores option. Customer service fast responses and committed to resolving issues.

This Shared Hosting comes from Google Cloud. You won’t find any other hosting on it.

Since you get Google Cloud, so you get a good uptime, speed and their servers are in Singapore.

They have a strong Customer Care Support, they are technical, good and fast.

They have a powerful plugin which is fast for optimizing WordPress Website.

You also get a good Backup Restoration Option.

For the cons,

Storage limited, Storage depending on your plan limits they have strict data over usage policy.

SiteGround focuses on speed performance and security. It’s a great place to have your website hosted. If you want fast loading web sites that are viable and secure with great customer support.

The major problem is the Pricing. SiteGround has increased its pricing.

The most popular plans are GrowBig which is of $9.99/month and GoGeek of $14.99/month

The one thing that has not increased yet is their monthly visits: GrowBig has 25k visits and GoGeek has 1lakh visits. This must-have increased as 25k visits are not a hard limit.

In the same price, I am getting 75k visits/ month, because it is much optimized.

So according to me, this price is worth it because no other Shared Hosting is providing you Google Cloud. The speed, performance, stability, and customer support combination won’t be available elsewhere.

It is worth it, but it is not for everyone. If you need a best experience for shared hosting then you can go and buy Siteground.

Want To Buy?


Hosting is a good web hosting company and offers to cheap price plan. This is the one and only hosting company that provides Basic Hosting Plan @ 0.99$ Per month. I have recommended Hostinger because it is cheap and good hosting.

So let’s start with its Pros,

  • It is affordable and easy to use interface
  • You don’t get Cpanel but you get Hpanel which is easy for beginners
  • You get good speeds and you don’t get Apache Servers,
  • You get Litespeed servers that provide better speeds
  • They have their servers in Singapore and Asia
  • I have also seen the good uptime
  • You get the UPI payment options, which is good for the Indian users to access it easily

Talking about its Cons,

  • Its support was very good previously, but then it started degrading and recently due to Covid-19
  • They have removed their Live Chat Support Option
  • You have to raise tickets, but you get replies fast
  • But as soon as the situation would improve, the Live Chat Support Option would come back
  • There is a Priority Support which is paid
  • You get only 1 SSL
  • If you take backups, you get automated backups, for 30 days
  • But if you have to restore the backups, then you don’t get 1 click restoration option, for that you would have to follow a process.

If I talk about its pricing, then it is affordable. It starts from $0.99/month and goes upto $3.99/month. The pricing is very cheap as compared to other Shared hosting plans.

So the plans are very cheap and affordable. They have good Cloud Hosting Plans which starts from $ 7.45/month, which is very good, according to me Cloud Startup and Business Web Hosting would be good.

So will I recommend Hostinger? I do know that their support is slow. They do not have a good live chat support But I do not have any other option.

But there is no other good Budget replacement which provides good features and services, Litespeed servers and Datacenters which are in Singapore.

All of such features are provided at this price point, For now, Hostinger is a good budget option,

Want To Buy?


Cloudways is totally a different type of hosting. It is different from all other hostings. Here you take Cloud servers and on that Cloudwasy has built infrastructure and interface.

You can also take support from the Cloudways team.

Talking about it Pros,

Its Speed, Uptime, and Performance are best.

It is because there are no Shared Hostings and Servers Resources are not shared.

Of all the hostings I have told you, the best performance would be here.

There are 25+ Data Centers, including in Asia/India.

You can also choose the hosting you want to use.

Whether you want to use Digital Ocean or Google Cloud or AWS, Then you can set up your servers and migrate them.

You can scale it, increase or decrease it accordingly.

Pricing is monthly, you have to pay every month. It is depended on the usage.

Talking about the Inode Count it’s up to 16 lakh. You don’t get 16 lakh in any of the Shared hostings, it’s only up to 6 lakh.

They have a good support and staging facility and you can easily do team collaboration.

They have a good backup and restore option and it easily handles high traffic.

Its pricing starts from $10, But the traffic handled by it is way different than any other shared hosting like Siteground, which has the same pricing.

The Cloudways server can handle it more efficiently than Siteground.

You don’t get Cpanel as they have their own interface.

Talking about its Cons,

Cloudways can be a bit technical and not easy to use. There is a slight learning curve.

You don’t get an email hosting as you get it in a Shared Hosting.

So will I recommend Cloudways?

Absolutely, If you are using a VPS server then Cloudways is a good option for you.

If you have more traffic on your website for up to 1 lakh per month, then also Cloudways is a good option.

You can easily manage, scale, upscale, and downscale. You will get good performance.

The best part about it is, you don’t have to keep any long term commitment.

Its pricing is based on the usage, if you used it for 2 days then you will have to pay for 2 days only.

Cloudways is one of the recommended hostings by me if you have large traffic.

So you must definitely give it a try, you don’t have to invest much.

Try It Right Now

Fast Comet

FastComet has impressed me a lot. Starting with its Pros,

You get 11 Datacenters, including in India. You get a data center for FastComet in India, Asia. Due to that, I have received a good speed and the test results have also provided good speed.

I experienced a good uptime, and it has easily passed the load test around 50 virtual users easily accessed the website.

Customer care was also good. I also get 3 Free Migrations. Usually, other hosting companies have 1 migration but here you get 3 Free Migrations.

Talking about its Cons, It is still a new company, it is not as established as Siteground and A2 Hosting.

Next Con is in their space, you get up to 35GB Space in their premium plan and 25GB in the other plan.

Talking about its pricing, it starts from $2.95 and goes up to $5.95/month. So at this price point, FastComet is a very value for money option and I will recommend this to all of you if you want to get to traffic from Asia.

As per our Web Hosting Buying Guide. We don’t recommend web hosting companies that are new in this field because new hosting companies is not the best option for bloggers.

But as per our experience with, We can say that this is a good web hosting and you should definitely check it out.

Want To Buy?

Chemi Cloud

ChemiCloud is a new hosting company that has impressed me a lot.

Starting with its Pros, Here you get 8 Datacenters which is also in Aisa/India. You get a good speed. There are 10 Free MIgrations.

You get Imunify 360 Malware protection. There is Sitepad Sitebuilder. There are good uptime and good customer care support. They easily handle more traffic load. You also get the free lifetime domain.

Cons is in their pricing,

They are a bit costlier than Fastcomet. So here, you find up to 65% off, but you won’t find this offer every time. Usually, there is 50% off but due to sales, the offer is of 65% off.

At that price point, I think Chemicloud is good hosting. It competes very well with the Fastcomet. Chemicloud is a good option for an E-Commerce store due to the Litespeed servers. So it would be helpful for E-Commerce Store.

As per our Web Hosting Buying Guide. We don’t recommend web hosting companies that are new in this field because new hosting companies is not the best option for bloggers.

But as per our experience with, We can say that this is a good web hosting and you should definitely check it out.

Want To Buy?


Bigrock comes under EIG Hosting companies and this is the rare hosting companies which I like and is a part of the EIG Groups.

Starting from its Pros,

  • It has Hindi Support, You can call them and get support in Hindi, but they aren’t available 24×7
  • You get Cpanel
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • It is good for HTML and PHP Scripts
  • You also get Varnish Caching

Talking about its Cons,

  • You don’t get WordPress Optimization
  • They charge ₹ 120/month for automated backups
  • Their support of live chat or call is slow
  • I won’t recommend BigRock for WordPress

Talking about its pricing. Its starts from ₹139/month and goes up to ₹579/month in cloud hosting I have 2 plans: Pro and Cloud Hosting.

If you need for PHP and HTML Scripts then you can select any plans among them. It is available for 30% off but offers can go up to 50% off.

Basically, this is an Indian web hosting company. So if your target audience is in India and you need hosting for the PHP Scripts, If you require Cpanel in Budget, then also Bigrock would be a good option.

Now let’s sum this up, Now I will tell my recommendations on which scenarios hostings would be suitable.

Best Overall Shared Hosting – Bluehost

Best Overall Cloud Hosting – Cloudways

Best Budget Managed WordPress Hosting – EasyWP

Best Budget Shared Hosting – NamecheapHostinger

Best Hosting For Beginners – A2Hosting

Best Hosting Support & Fast Servers – SiteGround

Best Hosting for eCommerce – CloudwaysBluehostChemiCloud

Best Hosting for HTML & PHP – BigRock

Best Hosting For High Traffic – Cloudways

I recommend Namecheap OR Bluehost for Beginners because I have tried both web hosting since I started my first blog.

Easiest & Simplest Hosting for WordPress Installation – Bluehost is an easy option.

Best SiteGround Alternative – BluehostA2Hosting

Affordable & Fast Hosting for US Audience with WordPress – EasyWP

So which Hosting do I use personally?

I have used all of it personally, But recently my mostly websites are hosted on Bluehost and My This Blog hosted in EasyWP By Namecheap, and also I have Siteground and A2Hosting accounts for client websites and they are very happy with these hostings.

So that was my pick. Let me know your queries in the comments below.

If you have any experience to share, mention it in the comments.


Mention your comments for suggestions and queries.

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