Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 – Personal Website Inspiration

Hey guys, In today’s article we’re going to take a look at Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs or we can say 5 Amazing Websites For Some Cool Design Inspiration. Let’s go ahead and get started. You can also read Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business.

1. Proto Homes

Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 - Personal Website Inspiration

So first up is Proto Homes and this is a better way to build homes. They’re kind of taking the home building process from design to completion in one easy process.

They’re going to do pretty much everything here streamlining the home building process and I really love the way they’ve done this hero section. All of the parts coming together kind of establishing that building heading there and then it gives you a real world.

Example sliding up to that animated image right under that hero they’ve got some real-world examples of their homes and it zooms in to one of them here to take you down through the next section which is going to go over why their houses are the smartest on the block and they’ve got some nice tabs.

You can go through and look at the different parts of the house it’s going to highlight it in orange which I think is really cool. It’s just a great 3d way of showing you everything their houses are capable of they’ve got an app that’s going to help you with your process of building your house.

If we keep scrolling they’ve got this awesome slider section where you can select each one and it just kind of slides through I love this interaction they’ve got really clean and really nice looking and then down here they’ve got a nice big block of orange for their call to action which is really great stands out gets your attention.

When you hover over talk to us it kind of compacts into that circle really great interaction and overall a really solid website. Check it out from this link.

2. Timeframe

Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 - Personal Website Inspiration Timeframe-min

The next one is TimeFrame a social networking app. That’s going to show not only the past and the present but the future allowing you to access other people’s calendars and see what they have planned and up and coming and this homepage are not only beautiful it has these nice calendar blocks in the background but the entire thing is one gigantic scroll interaction.

So as I scroll the website has a lot of motion all the images compact into the app and we go into the common layout that you’re going to see throughout the entire thing where we have our kind of content on the right and then we’ll have some headings showing casing the features here on the side as the phone changes. All the way throughout the scroll with the colors in the background and that calendar scrolling through.

So just a really cool way to showcase what is possible with scroll interactions on your website at the end it kind of unpacks here and returns to a similar layout as the hero kind of telling that story from the start to the end.

I really like this website it’s really cool and creative a great way to showcase an app and it’s also made with webflow which is super cool.

3. ProCreate

Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 - Personal Website Inspiration

This next one is from Procreate. They’re gonna release a mobile app and so this is the coming soon page for it it’s a very small website only two sections the hero and then this next footer and call-to-action kind of combo one but it’s just a really awesome interaction.

So as I scroll and I get to kind of the point right here it’s gonna change to a dark theme and that gradient runs through the image and the text really quick there and then it gives us the opportunity to put it in our email address.

It’s just a really cool interaction how you can transition through a light-themed design to a dark theme for a different section instead of having your typical blocks of content where you would have a black block with your text and you’d have a white block up here.

You can seamlessly fade through each one of those and you can also do that with color sections on different websites as well. So just something cool to think about fading your section colors and text from one color to the next instead of having those standard blocks.

So I picked this next one because of the detailed interactions and hover effects they’ve got going on there’s a lot on this website check out this preloader so my cursor is actually the loading bar I guess.

4. Alienist

Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 - Personal Website Inspiration Timeframe-min

So they have it in the center here but it’s also showing the numbers in the cursor as well as that compass in the center screen. So that was kind of cool and playful while the website’s loading but I really like the aesthetic of this.

This is the Alienist angels of darkness I’ve never heard of that I assume it’s a tv show because it says watch episodes up here but they’ve got this nice kind of grungy washed out image with a little bit of color in there but check out this custom cursor they have with this nice blend mode over everything.

The text disappears in the background even and it’s just got this really nice kind of purplish-blue and red tint to it which is really awesome and it stands out and then as you scroll down each one of those transition effects that’s super cool to look at.

They also have that on the menu as well so a really nice looking menu very modern and when you select something that red kind of washes out like that they also have this really nice kind of map section where you can check out the different locations in new york.

So you can click on each one of these and it’s got this nice card that tells you a little bit about it I love the style of this section with the linework they’ve done here and it really looks good with the font selection and then they’ve got the cursor doing this black and white kind of hover over the image there that’s really nice and like.

I said there’s a lot of detailed interactions to this website so you could spend a lot of time looking at this and getting inspiration from it super cool. All the layout is really nicely done I’m really impressed with this website and I think I’m going to draw a lot of inspiration from this personally.

5. Milkshake Studio

Top 5 Inspirational Website Designs For 2021 - Personal Website Inspiration Timeframe-min

The last website I wanted to show you is Milkshake Studio’s end-of-year review here. so milkshake studio they build brands launch products and create experiences but they created this 2020 review and it’s just a really cool layout with a lot of cool fun interactions.

I wanted to show you guys so right here on the hero, you can click and drag these numbers around and kind of they got some physics on there that’s really sick.

So if you scroll down a lot of big bold fonts and numbers I really like how this one kind of sticks to the bottom and then as you scroll it swaps to an outline for the text to slide over it and then they’ve got a bunch of their different details.

They just kind of stack these back and forth so they’ve got these big numbers and you hover over them it gives you a different custom animation for your cursor which is cool just a nice way to show all their numbers throughout the year.

So really creative and bold and kind of fun layout they’ve got going so far but one of the main reasons I want to showcase this was the way they do their case studies. So they’ve got their easy buttons here you can view the case study or see it live and they give you a nice bold title of what it is but it’s going to change to an outline and as that changes.

It’s going to have the images slide up here and kind of float through the screen and then move on to the next one.  So I don’t think I’ve seen an interaction like this before I think this one is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

So this is super interesting to look at and I really love the way they’ve done this just a nice way to break up the norm of just showing a bunch of images and having a button to go view the case study and see it live just really creative stuff here.
So that’s kind of it for the main reason I wanted to showcase this website. The wraps it up here with a little bit of the year you can click on each one of these and see a little bit more about it and then it’s just their call to action. So that’s gonna do it for that website I really love the interactions really playful creative.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s article, those are 5 Inspirational Website Designs websites that I think you guys should be looking at for inspiration here at the start of 2021.

If you guys want to see more articles like this make sure you give it a like, subscribe for more content, and as always have a great day and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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