Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

In this article, we’re gonna discover the Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020 that you need to have on your website.

These are all plugins I have used all year and I always need these plugins or understand that these are very helpful plugins that make WordPress very easy for you.

So, if you are new here and want to start your WordPress Blog from scratch without having any experience and coding.

You can follow my Easy 12 Steps Guide and make your own WordPress blog and start making money from it instantly.

1. Rank Math (SEO Plugin)

So let’s just get started with Number 1. The first plugin that you need to have is “Rank Math SEO“. But most people know Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin in the world for people that don’t know what is SEO? and how to do website SEO? “SEO means Search Engine Optimization“.

So with a plugin like that, you can optimize your website for google. Google doesn’t know how to read your website, but with a plugin like that you can tell google like “Hey Google, this is how my website is structured” and then “Google is like all right thank you”

So Rank Math SEO offers much more for free than Yoast SEO because with the Yoast SEO plugin you have to pay for a lot of things that are free with Rank Math SEO.

For example, if you go to your pages, let’s go to the about and if you scroll down you can see the preview over here and here in the same way as we chose we can set up the title for this page on Google. How do you want to display this page on Google?

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020


So that is super nice but now where this becomes more valuable the Focus Keywords. In the Yoast SEO plugin, you can use only one Focus Keyword for a post or page and if you want to use more than one focus keyword in a single post or page you just need to buy Yoast Premium Plugin that will cost you $89 for one website.

But in Rank Math, you can use 5 Focus Keywords in a single post or page for free of cost. These keywords will contain one main focus keyword that will let search engines know what your post is about and the remaining 4 keywords will be supported keywords that will help the post to rank.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

Alright and then this plugin also gives you some tips on how to improve your page even more. So as you can see my focus keyword is not in my SEO title, so it’s not in the main title of my page but believe me, it’s very hard to get to 100/100 score that’s maybe only possible when you have a blog a really content-heavy website. But for simple business websites just put in a few focus keywords maybe improve a tip here and there and then you’re done.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

Also awesome about rank Math SEO is that it integrates with Elementor. So this is a new feature and in this preview, you can see how that works.

So actually the settings of Rank Math SEO are embedded inside of the Elementor editor and in this way you don’t have to go back and you can just stay on the page and make a few edits in Elementor click on save and then that page is also optimized for Google.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

2. Duplicate Page

Okay and Number two is a very simple but essential plugin and it’s called Duplicate Page and with this simple plugin. You can duplicate posts and Pages and custom posts.

So after install and click on active and you go to your posts or pages, you can see that there is now an extra button which is called Duplicate This.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

So if you click on Duplicate This then this whole post or page will be duplicated and in this way, you don’t have to copy all the sections from the other posts or pages.

You could just have your old page and then make the changes to the new duplicated page very simple. It also works with custom post types. So this is a super easy and useful plugin.

3. Post Types Order

The next plugin is called Post Types Order. This is also a very simple plugin and very useful.

For Example, if you have an eCommerce online store with a lot of products and you want to change the post order.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily change the post order, which means if you want to top up the product that is selling more and lower down the product that is not selling.

Just go to your WordPress posts and as soon as you hover your mouse over a post, you’ll see a move icon that lets you move any post up and down.

By using this plugin you will get the ability to just change the order by clicking and dragging. So let’s just say that we want these two to be switched.

So let’s go back let’s find that so I can grab this and make it on top of the other one like this and if I now go back and click on refresh you will see that they are switched super easy.

You can also do this with blog posts because on some websites you have a lot of blog posts and you want to change the order. Watch this video for example.

4. ManageWP Worker

The next one is ManageWP Worker. ManagedWP Worker is a plugin that lets you manage all of your client’s websites with ease. So real quick this is the platform that we use to manage all of our client’s websites.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

It’s very easy to use and you can send reports to your clients, you can log in without having to search for the login details, you can make backups from this system.

But if you have a lot of clients’ websites it’s a lot of work, if you need to update all the plugins every month I charge my clients for maintenance if they want me to update their website.

So it also makes me a little bit of money but you want to make that experience as nice as possible for yourself. So that’s why I use a platform like this super easy.

5. Antispam Bee

The next plugin on this list is called AntiSpam Bee. It’s a very simple and powerful plugin that keeps most of the spam, not all of course because spam is just a very hard thing to do perfectly but this plugin keeps most of the spam out.

Also, I have already shared a dedicated tutorial on How To Stop Spamming On WordPress Website and I think this tutorial may be helpful for you.

So if you have a contact form on your website or you have a few email addresses that are placed on your website like for example on this website then this plugin will keep most of the spam out because contact forms are a great way.

Well actually not great for you but a great way for google bots and other people that you don’t want on your website to get into your website. If you want to protect your website from that, AntiSpam Bee is a great plugin for that.

I don’t even understand how it works but it keeps most of it out so that’s why I always use it and by the way, it’s also very light and it keeps your website fast, faster than the other ones that I’ve used. Also as you can see its ratings also tell the same story a half a million installs and five stars.

6. iTheme Security

The next plugin on the list also has to do with security and that is your main security plugin for WordPress and I always use iThemes Security.

Well, previously I used WordFence because that is the most used security plugin on WordPress and it’s really good but it makes your website a little bit slower.

So I want to keep everything smooth and fast and that’s why I use this plugin also as you can see almost a million installs and four and a half stars. So that is very very good.

It’s very easy to install, you will get a few settings over here but there’s one thing that I want to say that they will send you a lot of emails if you don’t turn them off.

If you have installed items, you go to the notification center, you scroll down and my advice is to turn off email notification otherwise you will get a lot of emails.

Because sometimes it happens that in one night at 10 people try to break into your website, hackers or some others or bots and then they will send you 10 emails and that’s of course not what you want.

This plugin does the work for you. It keeps the people that you don’t want on your website outside of your website and that’s all you need.

By the way, if you install this plugin you need to check on secure the site and then you can put this at no otherwise you will get more emails.

But I also suggest that you activate the network brute force protection because that means your website will join a whole network that can detect security issues faster and in that way is a little bit safer and I also want to redirect to HTTPS and its perfect.

7. Elementor Custom Skins

Hope you about Elemtor Page Builder. This is a professional page builder and I built all of my websites with Elementor and Elementor Pro page builder.

So that’s not one of the plugins that are gonna be on the list but that is the plugin that you need to have to build professional business or personal websites.

The next one on the list is Elementor Custom Skins. So if you already have a little bit of experience with Elementor Pro then Elementor Custom Skin is the next step to make your website a little bit more custom.

By default with Elementor Pro, you can only display the default post widget which is very limited and I wanted something custom. So this is a plugin for custom design, but it’s hard to create a custom design.

So what I did is I created one of these custom designs that’s what you can do with Elementor custom skin and then you can just use the Elementor Pro post widget to display custom dynamic content and I do understand that for beginners this is not very easy to understand.

So If you want to display custom lists which is something that you will run into when you’re gonna work with clients on the website become a little bit more custom then Elementor custom skin is the way to go.

8. Hustle Popups

The next plugin is Hustle – Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Optins, Popups plugin.

This is one of the best WordPress plugin for Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and especially for Popups generation.

I am using Hustle for my website popups because it has a lot of customization options which I haven’t seen in any other plugin like that.

It’s very easy to use and you can easily create stunning popups on it with a lot of customization, call to action, appearance, behavior, and more customization options.

My favorite part of this plugin is that one visitor will only see the popup one time not again and again but you can set reset time for that so after a certain time popup re-appear for the visitor.

For Example, You set a one day reset time for a popup. Now when a visitor comes to our website and he sees this popup, he closes it. Now for one day, this visitor will never see this pop up again.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

The second option of Hustler I really like is the Auto Email Sending Option. When every user subscribes to my newsletter So he/she will automatically receive an email from me and I really like this option.

This option is very useful when I share a download link for something, At this point, I ask the users to write an e-mail and when a user writes his e-mail to download it, he gets the download link from me in his e-mail inbox.

This way the user gets the download link of the file and I get a subscriber.

Also, we can show popups on button click and I have not found this option in any other popup plugin before. If you check my post where I have share 900 Dofollow Backlink Websites List.

In this post, I have put a button to download the list and anyone who wants to download this list and click on the download button, they will have a pop-up show in which he will write his email. So he will become my subscriber and he will get the download link from me in their inbox.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

In addition, this is superb plugin for email marketing and popups and i will share full dedicated review of this plugin later.

9. Google Analytics Dashboard By MonsterInsights

The next plugin on the list is called Google Analytics Dashboard MonsterInsights. This is awesome plugin to checkout website real time traffic data on WordPress Dashboard.

People liked the old version better but it’s still pretty decent. So if you have this installed and you have google analytics you will get a small preview of your google analytics on your WordPress dashboard which you can drag up because sometimes it’s down here.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

It’s just a little preview of your analytics so as you can see your monthly data here, Sessions, Page views, Bounce rate. So that is not people you can see the page views over here. So it’s just a little preview and then if you want to get more data from google analytics you just go to

The last plugin on this list is called It’s image optimizer plugin, What it essentially is just an image optimizer. So every time you upload a new image it will automatically be compressed which is what you want because a lot of times your images can be more optimized which means a faster website.

I already saved 26 megabytes of space with this plugin. So you can set this up by default. I need this plugin because I want more compression because I want my website to be fast.

I’ve made the decision because my website is very visually heavy and that means that my website is a little bit slower. So I want to keep it as fast as possible that’s why I’ve use this plugin.

Setting up it’s image to 60, You don’t want to put it too low otherwise the quality of your images will go down but at least the images will stay fast also don’t upload images that are too big my suggestion always is to upload images that are at maximum 2000 pixels wide because most screens are around that size maybe 3000 as at max.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For The End Of 2020

But you don’t want to upload the photos straight from your camera or from your iPhone. So that’s what I suggest when you upload images.

Bonus Point

CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin


CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin

Are you looking for an easy GDPR Cookie compliance solution for your WordPress website? Then the CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin would be the best option for you.
With the plugin, you can adhere to each cookie consent guidelines quickly and make your compliance journey much shorter. Some of the topmost features of the plugin include the display of a cookie banner that informs and seeks consent for cookies from users. You can style it the way it matches your website design without using any code.
Auto-cookie scanning is a very handy feature of the plugin. It lets you scan your website for cookies and assign them to categories. This allows you to grant your users the power to enable or disable cookies based on their categories.
Auto-script blocking of third-party plugins, privacy policy generator, etc., are additional features offered by the plugin
The plugin in mention is GDPR Cookie Consent, and it is a great plugin with 1 million + active installations in the WordPress plugin directory.
The plugin is packed with features that include adding a banner to your website that can be customized to look as part of your website, block cookies according to the consent given by the users, manage cookies, enable the users to accept or reject cookies, etc

I hope that you found some plugins in this article that you didn’t know, if you want to learn more about how to start your own web designing business than NewAgeBlogging is the blog for you.

You can subscribe you can hit the bell you can like whatever you want and I hope to see you in the next article.

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