How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)

WordPress comment spamming has become a big problem and everyone is worried about that Including me but finally, I found out How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming and now I’m going to share it with you. If you want to start your own blog from scratch, Follow my 12 easy steps guide.

Before this method, I have tried various plugins to stop the spam but nothing really seemed to work but a few users of the Facebook groups actually recommended a plug-in and after using it I can say with confidence all of my WordPress spam problems were solved.

Now the great part about this plugin is that it actually records networks of companies that are known for spam and it blacklists them entirely from your website.

So not to worry about you know network sending you DDos attacks or just a crapload of spam also you’ll see it’s blocking a lot of spam because I was getting at least like every week. This is getting out of control.

So i have to do something with this plugin. It actually shows you where the spam came from. It shows you the real comments on your websites also show how it has network type and it recommends. I’m sorry it recognizes specific networks that are again known for spam and it blacklists them from your website.

So let’s get started and install the plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard, Go hover over the plugins section on the left navigation bar and you’ll click on add new.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


Now the plugin section that we are going to use is called “CleanTalk” and this is the plugin and you’ll see it has a hundred thousand active installs. It’s actually probably one of the most popular spam filtering plugins out there.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


I’ve used jetpack before and jetpack did absolutely nothing. It’s garbage and I don’t even know why they offered it. So it just didn’t do anything I had it on my website and they were like it stopped spam and it showed me all these spam comments. They were blocking but I was still getting hundreds of spam comments and I was like well this isn’t really working for me.

Now after you install and activate the CleanTalk plugin. You’ll see you have a CleanTalk in Settings > Anti-Spam By CleanTalk on your admin dashboard. Now you will need to take your access key from their website and you will need to put it on your website.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


Now click on the Get Access Key Automatically button. There are two different methods to get the Access key.

1. Automatically, Just click on Get Access Key Automatically button and it will automatically add the access key. Don’t need to do anything just click the button and get the access key.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


2. Register an account – Go to the CleanTalk website and register your account manually with your E-mail and website URL, when you actually start your process of signing up, you will take this access key and you’ll go ahead and go to your website and in the settings on your CleanTalk, you’ll go ahead and insert your access key.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


After getting the Access key simply click on the Save button to activate your CleanTalk ant-spam protection.

CleeanTalk has other options, Spam Firewall, The Anti-Flood, and also The Anti-Crawler. Personally, I would not recommend that because that will stop google from indexing your websites and that can be something like sitemaps or that can be you know like just recognizing the content on your website.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)

Now I already have the pro version so I’m not really sure what the free version entails but the pro version is like $8 for a year. It’s really really cheap but the free version will do everything for you and it’s enough to get you started.

Now once you actually do that you have a few options, you can check the Comments For Spam. If you have thousands of comments you can check it for spam, you can check the Users For Spam, You can reset the counter, and so on.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


So that’s pretty much it and after this, you should be getting a lot of spam taken away and also prevented on your WordPress websites and you can go ahead and check out the dashboard. You’ll see approved spam and then also the spam firewall which is a lot.

So it does prevent a lot of spam and you can go through some of these options and check them out. So I think under the actual see the settings.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


Now if you click on the “View all” button, you will redirect to the Cleantalk website and where you can see your website’s complete report. You can also check these statistics by clicking on the Setting > Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and click on the Get Anti Spam Statistics button.

How To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming (Super Easy)


Well this is the settings so there’s like a see a log the anti-spam log and if you want to like, you know more about it you can just go ahead and check all these options out but again it really did help me out and I wouldn’t be making this article for you.

If it didn’t because I’ve used so many plug-ins and none of them seemed to work and this plug-in worked really really simple.

Now there is one drawback for this plug-in, it will block up to I think around two or three thousand spam comments and after that, they will want you to upgrade.

So that is one big drawback but it’s really cheap so again it’s around Eight Dollars for a year and that’s really not a lot of money.

If you want a plug-in that actually blocks all of the spam and remember it has like all the networks of those shady companies. So it knows who’s spam and who’s not and after putting this on my website. It made things a lot easier and super convenient.

So I hope that plugin will stop your spam problem hopefully you don’t get any more spam comments like drop ship, Shopify dropshipping, fake gurus, and all that crap because I’ve gotten so many of these fake marketers on my blog just posting about you know they post their affiliate links, they post they get rich quick all this crap.

So I’m sure you guys already know so check out the plug-in let me know how it works in the comments below and I will see all of you in the next tutorial, guys take it easy.


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