How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]

If you’re not living in a parallel universe you want your website to be fast but how does one make its website fast? that’s exactly what i’m going to cover in this article.

I will show you How To Speed Up Website With 4 Easy Methods completely free of charge and I will go through each optimization step by step showing you the impact that it had even on cheap $5 web hosting plans.

So let’s get started and if you are a long time viewer you know how I never shut up about caching and what kind of a difference it’s able to make in essence caching is just a very fancy word for pre-loading your content that means your website doesn’t need to load content every time a user requests a page.

It can store a copy in its memory and show that to the user instead resulting in an incredible speed boost. Now to take advantage of caching you have plenty of options.

There are a ton of plugins and some web hosting companies even deployed their own tools but in general, there are two ways to activate caching.

1. Cache Management

Download and activate a caching plugin from the WordPress dashboard,

I recommend you use W3 Total Cache as a free option and let me show you the kind of difference. This is able to make so this is my website hosted on Inter Server which is already a really good web hosting provider and without caching the website loads in approximately 2.1 seconds, scoring 66% in performance.

At this time I have 45 posts, 12 pages, and uncounted media files and Plugins but you can see without any cache plugin InterServer provide the best speed and performance and I bought this web hosting at just $30 and I never thought I’d get such a good speed at such a low price.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


Also, there has been no downtime for the last 15 days and the uptime has been 100%, Which is unbelievable in such cheap web hosting.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


That is pretty good right now check this out, If I would install W3 Total Cache a free plugin, a new performance section appears on my WordPress website.

Let’s tweak some settings first go into the general settings tab and make sure that the Page Cache is enabled. The caching disk mode should be Enhanced if you’re using shared hosting and select Memcached If you’re using cloud hosting.

Next, scroll down and enable Browser Cache then click save all settings

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


Now click on Page Cache and make sure that the Cache options are checked,

  • Cache Posts Page 
  • Cache feeds
  • Cache SSL request
  • Don’t cache pages for logged in users
  • Don’t cache pages for all of the user roles are checked

Together with all of the different user roles that are a lot of caching click on save all settings.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


Now go into the browser cache individual options here at the sidebar here you will want to check,

  • Set expires header
  • Set a cache-control header
  • Set entity tags (ETag)
  • W3 Total Cache header
  • Enable HTTP (gzaip) compression
  • Remove query strings from static

Now click on save all settings.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


Now if I would do the exact same test on the exact same InterServer hosted website five percent increase in performance and 0.2 seconds decreased loading time.

The most important thing is, however, time to the first byte, It went from 0.6 seconds to 0.15 which means my server responds five times faster than before and at this point, I know what you’re thinking five percent increase in performance doesn’t seem like all that much.

But keep in mind that we did reduce the server response time by five times which is a huge impact and we’re also using a really fast web hosting provider, to begin with. So there’s less theoretical room for improvements by the way InterServer is like a really cheap web hosting provider.

I recommend them on my channel all the time they’re a great company if you want to get a plan with them for yourself here is a discount link for you.

Now let’s get back to optimizing your website for now however manual caching software is not always needed some providers take care of that for you completely automatically.

If you’re using providers like Hostinger or Siteground, you’ll have this technology pre-installed and configured you can check if it’s activated on Hostinger by going into your website controls and looking at LiteSpeed cache.

If you’re using Siteground you get a plugin called SGoptimizer installed that takes care of stuff automatically as well.

2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The second tip is more about what you can do outside of your website, you probably know this but website data still has to travel physical distances from these servers to the computers of your website visitors.

How To Setup Cloudflare Free CDN And Free SSL Certificate On WordPress 2021


Sure it’s really fast but it still takes some amount of time especially when we’re talking about worldwide distances. This travel time becomes a lot more significant.

Okay so how exactly do you battle the fact that your website is sitting on a server that’s in united states and your users are sitting on a computer that’s in Singapore.

Well, you put your website on more servers that are scattered all across the world the obviously a good way to do this and completely free is by using a Content Delivery Network or a CDN for short.

This basically puts a copy of your website on multiple worldwide servers and users load your site from a server that’s closest to them to get started I recommend using a free service called Cloudflare. I have written a dedicated tutorial on it with complete detail, you can read it.

Just visit their page and create a free account then type in your website name that you want to speed up and go through these steps easy but keep in mind that the free version is here at the bottom and you will want to use the default method.

After that, once you see this screen it’s time to update your name servers this might sound hard but in reality, it really isn’t once again I will use the same InterServer website that I have been modifying.

So far so you will need to go into your domain provider’s name server settings and change a couple of values the name server editing in InterServer is located in the domains tab then settings and finally name servers I will just delete the name servers that are given here and copy-paste the ones that Cloudflare gave me.

This update might take a couple of minutes and that every single web hosting provider has a different control panel but usually it’s always the same deal. You’ll need to navigate to the domains area and find something called the name servers or DNS.

Once you’ve updated the name servers with the ones Cloudflare gave you and waited a couple of minutes you can go ahead and click done check name servers on Cloudflare for the quick start guide just skip it by clicking finish later and basically you want to keep refreshing Cloudflare page until you see green checkmark.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes until this happens and once it’s green checkmark territory that’s it your website is now on servers all across the world.

Okay so i am approaching a little bit of the limit of how much I can optimize this particular website but if I would add more content like videos pictures or gifs I would see a considerable decrease in speed however there is something that I can do to squeeze out that last little bit of performance from this website.

3. Minification & Optimization

So usually websites are made from Elements like HTML, CSS, and Javascript code, pictures videos gifs, and basically stuff and what if I told you that most of the time you can compress all that stuff to take up less space and if it takes up less space bingo it will travel faster meaning.

Now to minimize your website elements we can use the same W3 Total Cache plugin again. Just go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Performance tab.

The General Setting tab and next to the minify setting compressing the elements that make up your website can have some unintended consequences.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]

This setting meaning stuff can break your website, So I always recommend you have a backup ready in case that happens if you don’t have any backups you can see how to backup and secure your website for free.

I did right here once the minify checkmark is enabled scroll down quite a bit into the user experience section and select the lazy load images option. This will only load images once a user reaches that part of the website. So no unnecessary loading times and of course as always click save all settings.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]

4. PHP Version Selection

Now, I still got optimizations up my sleeve most notably upgrading the PHP version again. I will use InterServer for this example to be consistent but this basically applies to any web hosting. If I would navigate to my cPanel and click on select PHP version you would see that there’s a ton of different versions.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]

In general newer version equals faster at the moment 7.4 is the newest version. So that’s the one I will use but do keep in mind that if your website is old the newer PHP version might break your website because it’s not compatible.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]


So before you do this get a backup so you don’t go into the comments saying you broke my website.

okay, let’s do one final speed test, well what do you know 1.1 seconds with a 97% in performance and 93% in structure.

How To Speed Up Website With 4 FREE And Easy Methods For [2021]

I don’t think I can push this website and this web hosting server any further, obviously all of this was possible because i was using a good web hosting provider, to begin with, and I was just giving it that extra push.

If you’re using a crappy web hosting provider no amount of optimizations will help your speed considerably that’s why I recommend InterSever web hosting that already cheap and speed result in front of you.

This is a InterServer special discount code for you

So start using good hosting but there are some other rules that I categorize in the don’t be a dumbass section, for example, don’t overdo it on plugins, old slow unknown, or a large number of plugins will slow down your website lot.

Just apply some common sense to monitor your speed and the changes you make for now.

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