How To Get Paid On YouTube (New Steps Explained) For 2021

Over the last few years, more and more people were having the idea of creating their own YouTube channel. The videos on the YouTube channel teach people how to start and How To Get Paid On YouTube are currently booming and everyone stuck inside at the moment learning about the ways that they can make money from home.

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How To Get Paid On YouTube Channel

So this article is going to teach you How To Get Paid On YouTube after you have started your brand new YouTube channel and with the world-changing. So quickly at the moment and people wanting this information as fast as possible.

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. If I get carried away so once you have started your new YouTube channel you’re gonna have to hit two benchmarks. You are going to have to get 1,000 people to subscribe to your new channel and on top of that, you are going to have to get 4,000 hours worth of time of your videos watched in a 12 month period.

After you’ve hit these two benchmarks, YouTube’s gonna ask you to enter your payment information. So that it knows how to pay you once everything is set up your channel is then going to get reviewed from YouTube and if everything goes well within the next 30 days you’ll receive an email from YouTube.

Which tells you that your channel has been activated and can now receive payments. The biggest single tip I can give you right now on how to get those 4,000 hours of watch time in 12 months and also to get your 1,000 subscribers in total is consistency.

Consistency is key make sure you’re talking about a consistent topic on your channel over an extended period of time. So people know what your channel is about and also you should be uploading your videos and publishing them at a similar time each time.

So the same day of the week preferably even the same time people need to know when to expect new videos from you.  Once you have been approved your channel is going to have to collect $100 in total from the advert shown on your video.

Before you get your first payment in general Yuchi pays you around $2 for every 1,000 views you get that means you’ll need to get around 50,000 views to get your first $100 to get your first payment.

Now that $100 is a threshold that you’re gonna have to hit before YouTube will consider paying you any future payments but the more videos you upload to your channel over time and the more usual getting regularly means we’re gonna be hitting that threshold quicker and quicker every time.

And you’ll get to a point where you’re getting paid from YouTube on a monthly basis because you’re passing that threshold every month depending on what country you live. In the currency target changes, Click on this link so you can see exactly how much you have to earn each time for the country that you live in.

YouTube pays you sometime between the 21st and the 26th of every month but unfortunately, YouTube only pays creators that live in certain countries you’ll see some of those countries. If you live outside of these countries then unfortunately you’re not going to be able to make any money on YouTube.

So that’s all you need to get paid on YouTube you pass the criteria of one 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a 12-month period. You will then get approved in that 30-day approval period and once you’ve hit that $100 threshold you will then get paid between the 21st and the 26th of every month.

I’ve been on YouTube for years now and it seems like a lifetime ago that I showed people How To Get Paid On YouTube in this article. A new settings area has been introduced for creators to change the whole process of How To Get Paid From YouTube.

So this article is going to teach YouTubers the new steps to follow to receive your money in 2021 and going into 2021 a new change has been introduced deep within the settings of YouTube where if you don’t choose the right option you could lose out on a lot of money.

So after I have run you through the steps of getting paid from YouTube I’m gonna cover that new setting that you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right option. So you are not missing out on any YouTube payments even though a new process is being put in place for you to get paid from YouTube.

The criteria that you have to hit before YouTube decides to pay you is still the same as ever to be eligible for YouTube payments you need to have 1,000 subscribers on your channel and you need to rack up over 4,000 hours of watch time on your YouTube videos.

Even when you’ve hit those two things you still need to have made over $100 worth of revenue on your channel before YouTube decides to pay you and that translates to loosely around 50,000 views of your videos to make that $100 requirement. So that’s the criteria that’s the same as always but what has changed.

Okay, when going into the new YouTube creator studio and clicking on monetization to set up your channel payments. This is the area where you go to check your eligibility to get payments from YouTube and then you set up your YouTube payments once you are eligible.

What’s changed now is part of the process is on this screen you can now see your eligibility within YouTube creator studios you can see all within this one area. So you are going to see a screen just like the one on screen now that shows you how many subscribers of the 1,000 needed.

How To Get Paid On YouTube (New Steps Explained) For 2021

So this is brand new to the process of setting up your YouTube payments before you couldn’t see this information in the admin area.

So that’s a new feature that’s been added and another new feature that’s been added is you can click this button at the bottom that says notify me and YouTube will send you an email as soon as you’ve hit those two pieces of criteria needed to start getting paid from YouTube.

So the process they’re getting paid has been made super easy you no longer have to keep going in to check whether you’re eligible and go into different parts of YouTube to check that it’s all on one screen and you get automatic email as soon as you are eligible and once you put that criteria and you’ve had that email.

There are three steps to getting paid from YouTube.

1. First off you’re gonna have to sign the YouTube Partner Program Terms & Conditions you can do that from within YouTube.

2. Next up you then have to create a Google AdSense account that Google is gonna pay you through for your YouTube views.

3. Finally, the third step is when you’ve done those two things you have to wait for YouTube to review your channel to make sure they approve.

After approval, it getting paid and YouTube will typically take up to 30 days to do that final review of your channel, and as long as your channel meets the YouTube Partner Program policies and the YouTube ad guidelines you’ll be completely fine.

Yeah that is the new 2021 process for getting paid from YouTube that’s made up completely simplified easy to do and you can do it all within the new YouTube creator studio and as I said before once you’ve been reviewed and you get approved you then need to cross the $100 threshold to get your first payment from YouTube.

Now as I mentioned earlier there’s a scary change that’s been introduced within Shoob that could lose you a lot of money and I’m gonna show you how to avoid that right now. So you need to make sure you do this correctly.

So go back to the creator studio for your channel you need to go to settings and then click on a channel and then click on advanced settings and you’ll see here do you want to set your channel as made for kids and three checkboxes.

This is the new setting that’s been added an interview cheap you need to make sure that you do correctly and you need to basically tell YouTube here whether the videos you’re making are for kids whether they’re not intended for kids or whether you want to decide on a video By video basis whether it’s a kid video or not a kid video.

How To Get Paid On YouTube (New Steps Explained) For 2021

Now you cheap started paying creators less if their content is focused solely on kids. So if your content is not for kids you need to press NO’ to make sure that you’ll get paid more money by YouTube and if your videos are targeted kids but you press NO’ on this setting you improperly label your videos.

That’s when you can get fine a forty two thousand five hundred and thirty dollars from the FTC for improperly labelling your videos. So make sure that if your content is not for kids you press NO’ on this setting

Now I have spoken about a ton of different types of channels you can build to make money with YouTube here that all don’t focus on children. They’re all on other topics that kids are not interested on that will make you money.

Those are the steps then covering How To Get Paid On YouTube in 2021 and then also how to avoid losing money by choosing the right settings in future videos.

I am going to be talking about how to make money maximize money from ads. How to make sure your channel falls within policy. So you are making as much money from ads as possible.

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At starting up you can do it as long as you follow the steps outlined in this article you can succeed in YouTube there’s so much opportunity out there I’m rooting for you.

Thanks For Reading.

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