How To Earn Money On TikTok – TikTok Earning 2020

TikTok is currently the largest and most popular network in the world. Despite being banned in many countries, this app is in trending everywhere. 

I don’t think there will be anyone in the world who doesn’t have TikTok installed on his mobile device.

Whether you open the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store, you’ll see TikTok trending in No.1 on both sides. 

it has been One billion-plus downloaded recently

it has been One billion-plus downloaded recently

It has been 1,000,000,000+ (one billion-plus) downloads recently from Android Play Store and almost as many will be in the Apple App Store.

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TikTok is an entertaining app where people share their entertaining short videos. People create short videos around 15 seconds and share it on TikTok.

Everyone makes videos according to their talent and shares them on TikTok and other people enjoy watching these videos and if they like a video, they hit like and share button to spread these videos.

People’s who are constantly making videos on TikTok, other people’s start liking them and follow them.

This is main point, where the real game begins and you know “How To Earn Money On TikTok?” 


The purpose of most people on Tiktok is not to make money from it but to get a large amount of followers, Because this is the real game with the help of followers TikTokers make a lot of money from it.

You don’t understand yet and the question still in your mind is How to make money on TikTok?.

Ok, Lets start to understand it and I will tell you full story of TikTok Earning and How To Earn Money On TikTok.

1. Does Tiktok Pay Directly?

Of-course not, TikTok doesn’t pay a single penny directly, nor does it have an option to monetize your profile.

Now the question arises that if TikTok does not pay any money by itself and also there is no option to monetize the profile, then how TikTokers make money from it?

Don’t worry, I will tell you everything and explain with deep details.

Everyone on TikTok has the same goal that they just want to increase their followers.

Everyone is trying to get as many followers as possible and for that they work hard and share a lot of videos on their TikTok account.

These people’s work on TikTok all day to increase followers and try to make the best videos, so that other people like them and follow them.

That’s why they ask people to follow and like them and when a TikToker succeeds in gaining a lot of followers, he can make a lot of money from TikTok. 

But How?? does TikTok give money to a person with more followers?

No, So let me tell you what are the sources from which TikTokers make money, but it is not TikTok by itself.

2. Convert TikTok Followers To Instagram Profile Followers

This is where the real game begins, 

Instagram is the first way to make money from TikTok. Tik Tokers link their Instagram profile with their TikTok profile and ask their followers to follow them in Instagram.

earn money from instagram

When TikToker successfully transfer their TikTok followers to Instagram then they earn lot of money from Instagram.

When their Instagram followers reach 40,000 to 50,000 then many brands and advertisers approach them and give them different offers for promoting their products on Instagram for which advertiser give them a good amount of money.

Brands spend a lot of money for promoting their products. So if anyone have 50,000 or above Instagram followers then they can get around about 200 To 500 dollars for one sponsorship. 

All they have to do is just tell their followers about the product and pricing also explain some benefits of the product.

They will get not just one offer, but many offers from which they will earn a lot of money.

Maybe! they might get 10 or more offers a month that will make them thousands of dollars.

3. Convert TikTok Followers To YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is a second way to earn money from TikTok. They add their YouTube channel link into their TikTok profile.

How To Earn Money On TikTok by using YouTube

TikTokers ask their followers to join their YouTube channel and invites their followers to join their YouTube channel, which in converts all their TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers.

This is how TikTokers makes money from YouTube with the help of TikTok followers.

Many TikTokers are use only Instagram, but I think they make more money from YouTube than Instagram, because YouTube offers much more ways to earn money from it.

They can share their TikTok videos into YouTube channel. 

Mostly people’s search famous TikTok videos on YouTube, and there are many channels that combine different TikTok videos into one video and share them on YouTube channel.

How To Earn Money On TikTok by using YouTube

These channels are also monetized from YouTube and their views and earning are very high.

So if any TikToker shares his videos on a YouTube channel, he will get a lot of views and he will be able to monetize his channel and earn money from YouTube.

Brand Promotion And Sponsorship. TikToker can get a batter promotions and sponsorship offers from YouTube. 

Suppose, your TikTok profile related to Fashion And Beauty and you also created a YouTube channel about the same category.

So, many companies that sell these products will contact you and offer to review this product on their YouTube channel and they will send you the product for free and pay extra money for product review separately.

The benefit of this is that you get the product for free and you get paid separately by reviewing it.

Another example of this is that whenever a new Mobile Phone launched in marketer, the mobile company looks for people that have more subscribers to advertise it.

Then they give a free mobile phone to related person and pay a separate amount to review it.

In this way, this person got a mobile phone for free and also got money for reviewing this mobile phone.

So this was the second way that TikToker made money.

4. Convert TikTok Followers To Facebook Pages

This is the similar way like Instagram. Facebook is a largest social media network. Everyone uses Facebook Like Tiktok.

Facebook is already in trending on everywhere and has been downloaded up to five billion (5,000,000,000+).

Here’s what TikTokers do? they bring their TikTok followers to their Facebook page which increases their page likes and views.

When there are a lot of likes and views on the Facebook page, TikToker start getting offers and sponsorships from different brands and advertisers.

TikTokers also make money from Facebook monetization option. Facebook.

Facebook also offers monetization options like YouTube. If someone has good page views and likes, they can easily make a lot of money by monetizing their page from Facebook.

This is how TikTokers started making a lot of money from Facebook with the help of his followers.

5. Product Selling By Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a very popular field and there are many opportunities to make a much money in this field.

As you know, When all the TikTokers bring their followers to their Instagram, YouTube and Facebook page, many brands approach them.

Brands and advertisers offer to TikTokers to promote their products and for which they will pay a good amount to TikTokers for them.

Some brands and advertisers pay separately for product reviews and pay separate commissions on product sales.

For this purpose, Brands and Advertisers provide an affiliate link to TikTokers which they use in product review. So that when a user buys this product from their affiliate link, TikTokers get extra commission and it’s separate from the payment of product review.

This means that product review payments are received separately and product sales commission are paid separately.

Here is and Example of famous TikToker (Dolly Fashion Icon Official).

She has more than six million (6,200,000) followers on TikTok, 296K (296,000) followers on Instagram and 394K (394,000) subscribers on YouTube.

She is a professional beautician and reviews beauty products on their profiles and channel. 

The video I shared below is a promotional video on Skin Dose Brands.

She must have received a good amount of money for the promotion of this video and also all these products you can see in video have been given to her as a gift from the company.

Here is another promotional video from Bin Adam Brands.

If you visit his YouTube channel, you can see that she has made a lot of promotional videos from which she is making a lot of money.

In addition, his YouTube channel is monetized from YouTube, with the help of which she is making hundred of dollars  separately from YouTube.

Here is just an example of YouTube. What she is earning from Instagram and Facebook is different.

As per my knowledge, if you have 50,000 Instagram followers, you can earn up to $300 To $500 from it monthly. So you can image how much money TikTokers can make online.

6. Live Chat Option

This is also a very popular way to make money from live chat. Currently TikTok Live Chat is not available for everyone but this option is available for TikTokers who have large amount of  followers.

In this way TikTokers go live and chat with their followers and during this live chat their followers send them coins which these TikTokers withdraw these coins in their local currency.

In addition to Tik Tok, there are many other apps that can be used for live chat and the most popular are Likee and Bigo.

I use these apps and while using them I have seen many Tiktoker on live chat.

Here they talk live to their followers and many of their followers send them coins which can later be converted into local currency.

I heard from TikTokers (SabziWalay) in an interview that they are earning $20,000 (Twenty Thousand Dollars) in a month from only in Bigo Live Chat.

At first I was not convinced of it but then I had to believe it because it is true and you can hear it with your own ears.

Watch this video from 3:32 To 4:15 Mint

7. Events Invitation

Many well-known business companies invite TikTokers to promote their business.

For example, if someone builds an event palace or a hotel or a cinema or something like that, they invite TikTokers to promote it or inauguration.

Also, some people book a palace and invite TikTokers, And those people who come to see them will have to buy tickets for it.

TikTokers are well paid for all of these tasks.

Event Invitation is trending these days. You can see a lot of videos in which these TikTokers are gathered together and they don’t do it for free, but they get paid for it.

8. Fans Funding

Many people send gifts to their favorite Tiktokers. TikTokers continue to receive prizes from their fans, whether in the form of coins or gifts.

Fan funding for TikTokers continues and they get good gifts like (Watches, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Dresses, Perfumes) etc.

9. Sell Your TikTok Account

The Last Way to Make Money on TikTok is to Sell Your TikTok Account and it is in trending these days.

Most people create an account on TikTok and get more followers then they sells their account for which they earns a good amount of money.

Ordinary users do not do this, Rather, famous TikTokers do it themselves.

They create their own ID and share all their old videos in it and ask to people our previous ID has been blocked so follow us on this new ID.

This way they are able to create a lot of followers very quickly and then make a lot of money by selling this ID.

Some TikTokers do it all by themselves, while there are many people who create similar IDs to the names of popular TikTokers and upload their videos to gain followers. After which they sell this ID.

10. Final Words

So these are some of the ways, Through which we can make money from TikTok. 

If you think I’ve shared incorrect information or missed a point, you can let me know in the comments section below.

Also if you like this information. It’s your duty to like and share this article with your social friends and family.

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