Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business

Hello NewAgeBlogging – If you are planning to create a website to give your business or yourself an online presence and you don’t have any programming skills, thankfully there are Free Online Website Builder For Small Business that can help you to create a high quality and great looking website with no coding experience and needed.

In this top 5 free online website builder for small business I will count down the absolute best free website builders that will help you to create the ultimate side and these are free website builder without ads.

I’ll go over the pros and cons of each to assist you in finding the best website builder for you. Let’s get started starting off our countdown.

And before that I want to tell you that if you want to create a WordPress website without coding experience, just click on this link and learn how to create your own WordPress website with just a few steps.

5. Jimdo

At number five is JIMDO. This one is quick and easy to use for absolute beginners and we’ll have a site built for you in just a few short minutes. There are templates available for just about any industry with tools that allow you to customize your site to fit your needs.

If you don’t plan on being the next amazon or walmart you can create a basic free online store for your business with no transaction fees. When you get started it’ll first ask what you’d like to create your choice is our website an online store and a blog.

Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business

I’ll go with website. It’ll then ask how do you want to create your website no coding required. Let’s go with the option no coding required. It’ll now ask you a series of questions don’t skip any of them.

When you’re done based on the answers you gave you’ll see the layout of your website in the upper left click on design to make any changes on the current page.

Select pages to select another page that was created and you can add a new page and selecting store. Lets you add products to the online store on your site while the free plan does include all the basic features you’re limited to five web pages and up to two gigabytes of bandwidth per month.

Other than that it’s great for those of you that need something simple and easy to use for a small business or personal websites.

4. WordPress.Com

In at number 4 is WordPress is one of the most well known of the website builders to avoid any confusion with similar names, is not the same as the self-hosting platform

If you want to create your own website by using self hosted without any coding experience you can follow our easy guide steps and create your own WordPress self hosted website or blog. You can also check our other articles for self hosted WordPress. is a hosting service that’s great for bloggers wanting a website to host their blogs. It includes dozens of themes with thousands of easy to install add-ons to choose from their advanced block editor makes it easy to customize size, color and placement of each element separately.

If you need a custom domain you can buy it from without the need to upgrade from the free plan. After you create an account the next step is to enter the domain you want, if you don’t know it just enter the keywords that describe that site.

It will give you the option to buy a domain or you can select free to use a domain using type a personality tactics. It will now ask you to choose a plan if free is what you want here at the top select start with a free site.

Once that’s done on the dashboard, complete all that do not have a green check mark beginning with name your site. If you ever need to upgrade the pricing is reasonable with plans starting at $4 per month with the free plan to create a high quality website or blog.

All of the essential features are included with unlimited bandwidth but does lack functionality when compared with other website builders for e-commerce.

3. Weebly

Coming in at number three is weebly. While it’s known for being one of the best drag and drop editors to create an online store. You can also use it to create a website or blog.

It includes a large library of professionally designed themes and it’s feature packed, those features include a built-in image editor, tons of add-ons video backgrounds, Instagram feed integration and a whole lot more.

If you plan to build an ecommerce site you’ll find that weebly has most of the tools you would need to create a great looking online store for your customers.

When you get started select a theme from the various categories. It will give you a preview of your site, if all is good here in the upper right click start editing click the links to view the pages automatically created for you.

You’ll find the tools along the left to edit each page, all are included for free except for those marked with an orange lightning icon.

With their free plan you get all the basic features but the storage is limited to 500 megabytes and you can’t connect a custom domain unless you upgrade.

2. Webnode

In the runner-up spot coming in at number two is WEBNODE. This one continues to improve each year with a ton of features included for free with very few limitations but does limit the storage to 100 megabytes.

Making it suitable for small personal or business sites only. They now have more than 100 templates for you to choose from in a wide variety of categories.

Their editor is very intuitive making it a great choice for beginners with easy to use tools allowing you to customize any page with the look you want.

Unlike many of the other website builders there are no third party ads, no limits to the number of projects you can create and you can build pages using more than 20 different languages at the same time.

When you get started just like some of the other website builders already mentioned, you’ll pick the template from one of the various categories.

I’ll go with this one here it will now create your site when it’s ready here on the right click on the one minute video tutorial or if you’re ready to get going click on edit my site to jump right in to begin just click the various elements to make any necessary changes.

Earlier I mentioned with the free plan, the storage limit was 100 megabytes. Upgrading to their limited premium plan at $3.95 per month does not increase the storage but does allow you to use your own domain. If you want a free domain with more features those plans start at $5.95 per month.

1. Wix

In the top spot coming in at number one is WIX. Wix is the best free website builder with no coding knowledge needed. It’s also great for beginners without any web design experience and with competitors nipping at its heels.

No other web builder can match its large number of templates and features making it the best overall not only is the interface easy to use when customizing your site. It also includes advanced features for blogs and ecommerce.

If designing is not your thing you can now choose from more than 500 templates all of which are customizable to suit your industry or interest to begin.

It’ll ask you some questions to help get you set up. It’ll ask you first who the site is for choices are myself, a company, my client, someone else and a startup. I’ll go with a startup.

Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business

I’ll go through the rest of these quickly have you created a website before. Let’s pretend this is my first time what’s your role at the startup.

What kind of website does your startup need. I’ll just click on start up here. Click next you now have two choices looks now includes an artificial intelligence solution called WIX ADI on the left which will fully design a site for you after answering even more questions.

If you want more control when building your site using the WIX editor click choose a template on the right which is what I’ll do right now.

Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business

Now choose your template by hovering your cursor over it and select edit everything is customizable to move it around the screen. Clicking on any element will give you the tools to make any changes.

For Example clicking on text will give you the option to edit the text and animations. I’ll go the bounce in effect here then click on customize and I’ll close this out.

Top 5 Free Online Website Builder For Small Business

You have several options on the left selecting menus and pages here at the top. Lets you add a new page or jump to one already created and change the background.

You can add a new element like text, image, button and many others. You also have the choice change the color scheme and upload media from your computer or from another site to add to your web page.

With the WIX free plan there is a limit of 500 megabytes to both the bandwidth and storage. If you ever outgrow the free plan they do have premium plans that start at $14 per month.



Mozello is perfect for those of you that prefer a minimalistic design to build your website blog or online store. If you have an international audience it lets you create versions of web pages using different languages.


On webflow which is primarily known for their content management system. They have a designer tool which is quite handy letting you build a website using a pre-designed template or you can choose to build it from scratch using their blank canvas option.

Bookmark – Aida

The final bonus pick is Aida from the folks over at bookmark. This is perhaps the easiest in this article. This cool website builder uses artificial intelligence to design a fully functional website for you quickly without using the usual templates. They claim that their predictive machine learning algorithms will create the best website for you based on your needs.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this article is helpful for those of you looking to create a website. If it was give this article a thumbs up and share with others and if you haven’t done so already subscribe and click the bell to stay up to date with our latest blogging related article.

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