10 Methods To Find Thousands of Content Ideas (Content Writing Ideas!!)

Hi everyone! If you have a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, or any social profile and you are struggling to find new Content Writing Ideas Then this article is for you.

Today I will share with you 10 methods to generate hundreds and hundreds of content ideas To publish on your blog Or whatever you are doing online.

So let’s see my 10 best methods to generate content writing ideas for your online website, your channel or whatever you are doing online.

1. H-Super Tools

So let’s start with method number one, Go to H-supertools YouTube Keyword Tool. This is only for YouTube let’s see the magic. Let’s say your niche is about Dog Training, write Dog Training and click on search and wait a couple of seconds, and boom!

Now we have 322 keywords, All these are keywords and content ideas about How to train a service dog, the Best puppy training video to teach your puppy to come all these are content ideas you can use on YouTube or anywhere online On your blog, On your social profiles or Anywhere!

So YouTube Keyword Tool is one of the best tools to generate hundreds of keywords and content ideas.

2. AnswerThePublic

Method number two is to go to a website called AnswerThePublic. Here you can find what people are asking online. For example let’s say here Affiliate marketing Search let’s wait a little bit and you can see now We have 74 questions that people are asking on search engines about affiliate marketing.

10 Methods To Find Thousands of Content Ideas (Content Writing Ideas!!)


Let’s press on data and here we are All these area ideas and keywords and questions that people want to know the answers.

So this is one of the best content ideas and you can get from AnswerThePublic What questions, Which questions, Who questions All these questions you can write about on your blog, Create videos about on your channel, Create posts about on social media.

Now AnswerThePublic has some limits and there is a pro version, But I have a gift for you! Let’s go back to H-supertools and go to SEO Questions Explorer, Go here and then say Affiliate Marketing again Search, just wait a little bit, and let’s see we have 121 questions explored on H-supertools!

It’s totally free and unlimited, All these are also questions people are asking and you can get some very important ideas to publish on your website or whatever you want. So this is method number 2 is exploring questions with AnswerThePublic and H-supertools Questions Explorer.

3. Quora

Method number three is Quora.com. Quora is one of the best Q&A websites on the internet also it’s one of the best websites to get traffic.

Quora also is really a big treasure to find content ideas


Here you can know also what people are asking and talking about, Let’s go to Quora and search for “Digital Marketing” and now we can see questions and see what people are asking.

All these are content ideas! Imagine! All these are content ideas.

You can also go to Posts And see what people are posting on Quora about digital marketing and take some content ideas. So number THREE is Quora. It’s really very helpful to get traffic from the first day believe me from the first day.

If you are unfamiliar with Quora, let me tell you Quora is a Question And answer (Q&A) platform where everyone can ask a question and community experts solve people’s problems by answering this question.

Quora has now become a traffic generator, You can bring traffic to your blog using Quora just like, it rains from the sky.

But every social media platform has a rule and if you break the rules, you will be kicked out. So don’t rush and stay calm, follow the rules and take advantage.

If you want to get traffic like rain from Quora, first your account and write a solid bio of yourself also write something about your blog.

In the beginning, don’t share your blog or blog content link. Just find the questions related to your blog niche and give a quality answer.

Keep your profile active for a few days and keep answering the questions without sharing your blog link. Your this activity will build trust in your profile.

After a few days, you can share your blog and blog contents link into Quora and now that you have created a trusted profile, your account will not be ban.

Now, find your blog niche-related questions and answer them and at the end of the answer, share a link of your blog or a blog post and also request the questioner to give an upvote to your answer.

Your profile rating will increase as people continue to read your answers.

4. Ask your audience!

Method number 4 is to ask your audience!

I do this with 2 strategies number 1 is simply by sending an email. Here is my email marketing system through ConvertKit.

In my newsletter, I can simply send a message and ask people what they want to know about, What they want to learn about.

Also, the second strategy is on the website. If you go here to the “more” section Topic suggestion, People can suggest any topic.

So when a user requests you for any topic, you should write an article or make a video. This will increase the ranking of your website and increase the traffic and most importantly you will also get the content easily.

So this is method number 4 By simply asking your audience to help you find content ideas

5. Google Search Console

Method number 5 is the Google search console. One of the best places to find the best new content ideas for your website.


Simply here go to the Search results section in performance and go down, You will see a list of queries that people are searching on Google and finding websites through all these are keywords. Just go here and read these keywords and find new content ideas for your website.

10 Methods To Find Thousands of Content Ideas (Content Writing Ideas!!)


Here we are Go to performance and you can see the queries, I can find some new ideas for my website.

6. Competitor Research

Method number 6 is Competitor research. Simply go to YouTube or Google or any website that is publishing content in the same niche as you,

For example on YouTube you can see here my subscriptions, All those people, mostly all those people publish content like my content as an example, Brian Dean, from Backlinko. I check his videos, I learn from him, he’s a professional and I can get some ideas for my content.

Go here Professional in SEO and digital marketing I learn from him and I get some ideas for my content the same for websites as example you can go to Backlinko.com From Brian Dean Check his blog. You can go to (Neil Patel) and check his blog and see what he’s writing about it depends on your niche.

So simply do some research and find other websites in your niche and start searching and collecting content ideas.

7. Forums

Method number 7 is Forums. Forums are one of the best places to see what people are talking about and collect tons of content ideas.

The number 1 forum is reddit.com, I think you know Reddit It’s one of the top websites worldwide Where people “Redditors” connect and engage together and talk about everything on this planet.

Go there Search for subreddits in your niche and see what people are asking, What people are talking about and collect content ideas.

Now in my case In my niche also have this treasure The WarriorForum, Maybe the best digital marketing forum online also here you can find a lot of ideas.

If you are in the digital marketing world, If you are not you can simply go to a website called FindAForum.net and search for your niche and find a forum in your niche and see what people are talking about Engage with them and collect some content ideas and maybe get some traffic.

8. Share Your Experience

Method number 8 is to share your experience. Your stories and case studies.  If you go to my blog as an example Go here You will find this article.

How I moved to $10k in 18 months.

In this article, I shared my own story My own case study How I started working online I showed this in detail. So here you will never find this content somewhere else Because it’s private content.

It’s something personal I am sharing my own personal story. So personal stories Personal experiences and case studies Are some of the best places to dig in and find content ideas.

So dig in yourself and start thinking about experiences you know Case studies you did Anything Any story and share it online as a content idea and you can somehow relate it to your niche. Just mix things together and generate a content idea based on your own experience.

9. Repurposing Your Content

Method number 9 is one of the best methods I really love love love this method. Simply it’s repurposing your content.

Let’s give you a direct example Here we are this is my videos Let’s see here Check out this video Blog Niches That Make Money How To Pick a Perfect Niche.

If you go back to my blog You will see this article, Best Niches For Blogging: How to Choose? and by the way let’s reveal a secret here. If you go now and compare my YouTube and my blog You will see it’s simply the same content repurposed Of course the blog will have maybe more details But it’s the same content idea.

So if you have a YouTube channel, If you have a blog, If whatever you have, You can simply repurpose your content. Create a video out of your blog, Create a blog article out of your YouTube video, and so on Not only this.

So you can repurpose the same piece of content on your blog, On your YouTube channel, On your social media profiles wherever you want. Just create a special version of it depending on the platform.

10. BuzzSumo

Method number 10 is simply a website called BuzzSumo. What’s this? Let’s see Here is BuzzSumo and it helps you find the best content ideas That are performing the best on the internet.

Let’s see an example I will write here about digital marketing Find Content and you can see here as an example. It will show you these links and articles and how much engagement it got on Facebook on Twitter, Pinterest on Reddit. So you can see content ideas and how it’s performing online.

So you can get the best ideas out of BuzzSumo to your blog. Now BuzzSumo is not free But it has a 30 days trial version. You can test whatever you want and collect a lot of details, A lot of content ideas, A lot of reports for free in 30 days. Go now and try it It’s one of the best websites for content ideas and content research.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please don’t forget to tell me in the comments Which method you are going to start with How you are going to collect ideas.

Which method you liked the best Share this in the comments section below. If you have any questions don’t forget NewAgeBlogging.com.

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