We have created this website for Educational Purpose, the first purpose of which is to provide good information to the people to learn Blogging and Digital Marketing.

We will not be held responsible if anyone misuses the information we share on NewAgeBlogging.

In addition, we try our best to share our own content that is not copyrighted.

However, if any Blogger or a Company sees its copyrighted content on our website and wants to remove it, they should send us the original content link with our post link to this email “[email protected]” We will check it out and if our content is really copyrighted we will remove it from our website.

Because we do all the work with following the policies in mind, but there can be mistakes. Therefore, in case of any complaint, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

We also have registered our website with the DMCA to keep an eye on policy violations Because our first priority is to bring our blogging and digital marketing lessons to our audience, not to copy someone’s content and put it on our website.

Thanks Protection Status

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