ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

I am here to help you to decide on the Best Cloud Base Web Hosting With LiteSpeed Servers for your blog to make the blogging easier for you.

Today, I will be writing ChemiCloud Hosting Review with all of its Featured, Speed, Response, Stability, Pricing, PROS, CONS and everything you need to know. 

ChemiCloud is a new web hosting company that was registered in 2016 and started operating services from 2018.

They use LiteSpeed Servers and everyone knows that LiteSpeed servers are much faster than normal servers, but first we will see whether it’s the right choice your website or not.

Before we start ChemiCloud Hosting Review, I want to disclose that, I might be compensated for this products mentioned in this article as it helps me continue my work and with that I can continue my blogging and bring you a lot of informative tips.

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Fast & Affordable Cloud Base Web Hosting 2021 With Huge Discount Offers

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Now these days, FastCometA2Hosting, BlueHost, HostGatorHostinger, ResellerClub has become the top rating web hosting providers and these are also the favourite web hosting’s of many famous bloggers, and all users are completely satisfied with these web hosting providers.

But you know ChemiCloud has beaten all these hosting companies due to it’s LiteSpeed Servers Speed, 100% Response time and more features.

So Let’s get started ChemiCloud detail review with its users reviews.

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ChemiCloud Hosting Review With Short Intro

ChemiCloud is a US Based hosting service provider owned by CCHosting, Inc.
This Web Hosting Company was established in 2018 and since then it has become one of the world’s popular hosting service providers.
One of the main reasons behind ChemiCloud popularity, its performance, reliability and LiteSpeed servers, as well as its decent prices, huge discounts and diverse hosting solutions, suitable to anyone but despite its good reputation.
Like all other web hosting providers, this web hosting provider comes with both its some PROS and CONS which is why I’m going to cover every segment that might be important for you and your website before buying ChemiCloud.
ChemiCloud has many hosting solutions but if you are looking for WordPress Cloud Base Web Hosting in particular this provider is one of the best options for you.

Features Included With Package

ChemiCloud provides easy one-click WordPress installations with many valuable features for your Blog including their WordPress centric dashboards.

However, even if you don’t strive for WordPress hosting ChemiCloud also supports eCommerce hosting and it’s too much recommended for eCommerce because its performance in eCommerce is incomparable, as well as shared, Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

In terms of overall hosting notice-able features, ChemiCloud offers

  • Free SSL Certificates For All Domains
  • Free Website Builder (Pro & Easy To Use)
  • User Friendly cPanel (Latest Style)
  • Free Domain Name (For Life Time)
  • 24/7 Support (Super Fast & Technical)
  • SSD Disk Space (15GB – 25GB – 35GB)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 350,000 Inodes
  • LiteSpeed Servers
  • LiteSpeed WordPress Cache
  • Free Imunify360 Malware Protection
  • Malware Protection 
  • Memcached, OPcache/APC
  • Free Daily Backups (For All Plans)
  • WorldWide Server Locations
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Same Day Free Website Migrations (For All Plans)
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Cloud Base Web Hosting Servers
  • Advance Firewall Protections
  • Free CDN (For All Plans)
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Best For eCommerce Websites

ChemiCloud provides a free domain name for life time as long as you continue to use their hosting services. If you renew their hosting package, this will allow you to renew the domain for free

If you do not want to use their web hosting you will have to pay $15.95 to renew your domain. They support the following domain extensions.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org 
  • .info 
  • .biz 
  • .name 
  • .uk
  • .eu
  • .us
  • .es
  • .in
  • .ro
  • .nl

Free Domain For Life comes with all web hosting plans and it’s good to see that you don’t have to overpay for some of these features.

Response Time & Speed

ChemiCloud performance and speed are tremendous. I have got the best performance and speed result and overall performance result is A+.

I chose Bangalore server when I bought this hosting and it gave me a unbelievable response time on this server. I never thought I would get such a good response time so when I saw this message Congratulations. Your website hosting server is exceptionally quick.” I was really shocked.

Server Location Res. time
US (W)
227 MS
US (E)
209 MS
143 MS
44 MS
Sao Paulo
329 MS


24 MS

280 MS
109 MS
224 MS
129 MS
ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)
ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

If I talk about its speed, I have seen very good speed on it and all these metrix are without any cache plugin. 

As I mentioned before, ChemiCloud use LiteSpeed Servers, so if I use their Built-in LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, and I will definitely get an unbelievable speed.

ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

Performace and Uptime

If performance and reliability are your first priority you have to check the providers uptime and speed. The uptime shows how often the website will be active and working.

ChemiCloud website uptime is 100%  which is awesome, in other words with this uptime percentage your website will be mostly up with the exception of around 15 minute less of downtime during the entire year.

ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

When it comes to speed ChemiCloud is a very decent solution, although its new in industry and falls behind some of the biggest names in the industry.

If your blog doesn’t load in less than a few seconds, this is definitely something that you need to consider before you purchase any web hosting.

Here is the ChemiCloud monthly breakdown of the past 12 months:

  • January-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • February-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • March-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • April-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • May-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • June-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • July-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • August-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • September-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • October-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • November-2020 average uptime: 100%
  • December-2020 average uptime: 100%
All of the time, I get 100% uptime which is somewhat unbelievable.

Security Features & Protections

Every web hosting provider security is crucial for any blog (Personal or Business) and the hosting provider is mainly responsible for delivering it to you with extra security features.

You must need to choose a web hosting services provider that offers at least the basic security features. It’s most important factor.

ChemiCloud is a good choice in terms of security features, also it has it’s good sites the provider comes with free SSL certificate, Malware protections, 24/7 network monitoring, and one of the best security feature is Imunify360.

«Imunify360 detects attacks and blocks them so intelligently. Also malware detection and threads removal and clean up works like a charm.»

Imunify Security is the best choice for web hosting companies who are serious about security.

With an integrated and modular organization, Imunify360 scales with your needs and helps you provide a secure and reliable web hosting service. 

Its multi-layered defense architecture ensures precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses.

If we talk about Imunify pricing, they charge $12 per month for a single user but ChemiCloud offer Imunify security system with it’s Pro & Turbo plans for free of cost.

In addition, ChemiCloud offer Advanced Firewall Protection, Web Application Firewall, Network Firewall Protection, and Malware Protection.

They also provide Free Auto Backup option on daily basis. So this is also a powerful option for security, because if your blog crashes or lose for any reason, you can easily restore it with their backup option.

Customer Support

Customer Support is a very important factor for any new blogger because when you are new to blogging, you will often need it.

New Blogger doesn’t know much about hosting and blog settings so in case of any problem support is really needed and if your hosting provider support is slow, you will have trouble and this will keep the problem on your website for long time.

ChemiCloud Customer Support is super fast. They reply fast enough and quickly, So far, whenever I need support, they get me a reply with in a minute and solved my problem immediately.

So, You are experiencing to reach ChemiCloud customer support. You can use a few options including they’re helpful phone support.

You can contact them via Live Chat Option, Submit Ticket, Phone No and Email but for my experience Live Chat support is super fast.

In quick assistance you can also check the extensive knowledge base Blog of ChemiCloud.

User Friendly Interface

ChemiCloud has a very simple interface which makes the overall user experience very easy to use.

So that most users can use it, even if they don’t have previous experience.

You will be able to finish most things in simple one-click WordPress installations and you will have the industry standard cPanel Dashboard.

Free Website Migration

Website Migration is an amazing part of ChemiCloud, because ChemiCloud offer 50 Free cPanel account and that was amazing and wonderful because no hosting company has ever offered 50 cPanel migrations.

ChemiCloud also offer 10 non cPanel account. That means if you want to transfer your website from hosting that does not provide cPanel like SiteGround & Hostinger. 

In that case ChemiCloud will migrate your 10 websites for free and if you are using cPanel then they migrate your 50 websites.

 One of the surprises is that they will migrate your websites in a day. Learn More about ChemiCloud migration disclaimer
ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

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Price & Packages

ChemiCloud offers 4 different plans

  1. Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
But web hosting and WordPress hosting are equal and no difference between both plan price and features. Whichever of the two you choose, you will see the same page, price, features and everything.

Web / WordPress Hosting

WordPress Starter Plan:- ChemiCloud starter plan started at $2.37 per month and that’s for their basic WordPress hosting package where you can host only 1 Website.

However, this price is for their longest 36 Month subscription and if you buy a 24 Month subscription then you have to pay $2.97 per month and recently you can’t buy a start plan for 12 Month. It’s only available for 24 & 36 Month.

In the same matter the plus shared hosting subscription cost $5.95 permonth for 36 month subscription and 12 month subscription cost is $7.95 per month.

WordPress Pro Plan:- The Pro package price is $4.17 per month for the 36 Month subscription and $4.77 per month for 24 Month subscription and $5.37 per month for 12 month subscription.

WordPress Turbo Plan:- This is the best package ever with 10x faster speed. This plan price is $6.57 per month for the 36 Month subscription and $7.17 per month for 24 Month subscription and $7.77 per month for 12 month subscription. 

You will get a free domain for life time with all the packages.

Cloud VPS Hosting

ChemiCloud offer Cloud VPS hosting starts as low as $23.98 per month subscription and the prices go up $79.95 per month for 12 month subscription.

Now it’s depend to you which plan you choose.

ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

Reseller Web Hosting

Finally for its Reseller Web Hosting, ChemiCloud offers four types of subscriptions “Electron” , “Fusion” “Expansion” and “Evolution

  • The prices for Electron Plan $5.98 per month 
  • The prices for Fusion Plan $10.48 per month 
  • The prices for Expansion Plan $15.28 per month 
  • The prices for Evolution Plan $19.48 per month
It depends on you which type of plan you need. 
ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee

ChemiCloud has a decent refund policy, If you are not satisfied with their services, you can refund your full payment within a 45 days.

Your full payment will be refunded through the same source you paid (Credit Card or PayPal).

For Example! If you paid from credit card, your refund payment will be return in your credit card bank account.

Same as if you paid from PayPal, your refund will be return to your PayPal account.

They will not make any deductions and will refund your full payment.

Data Centres

ChemiCloud has 7 different data center locations,

  1. Dallas (United States)
  2. Frankfurt (Germany)
  3. London (United Kingdom)
  4. Bucharest (Romania)
  5. Singapore 
  6. Bangalore (India)
  7. Sydney (Australia) 

When you buy web hosting it will automatically select your nearest data center but you can choose as per your requirements.

ChemiCloud Hosting Review 2021 (Super Fast & Affordable Web Hosting)

Pros And Cons

I have had a great experience with ChemiCloud hosting but there are definitely some Cons in every web hosting and there are such Pros which help them to prove themself better than others.

So, like all other hosting companies, ChemiCloud also has some Pros and Cons which we will now discuss here.


  1. Generally Stable & Fast
  2. Uptime and Fast Speed Performance
  3. Fast SSD Hosting Solutions
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Free Domain Name For Life
  6. Free Site Migration
  7. Free SSL Certificate
  8. HTTP/2 Support On All Plans
  9. Shared Hosting is Developer-Friendly
  10. Powerful Managed VPS Cloud Plans
  11. All Plans Allow Custom Cron Jobs
  12. High 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  13. LiteSpeed Servers
  14. LiteSpeed Cache Management System
  15. Free Imunify360 Security
  16. Virus & Malware Protection
  17. Site Builder By Sitepad 
  18. Multiple Servers Location
  19. 24/7 Fast Tech Support
  20. Cloud LinuxOS


  1. Renewal Rates Are High
  2. The Lowest Shared Hosting Plan has no Malware Protection
  3. All Plans Offer Limited Storage Space (15, 25, 35 GB)
  4. The Lowest Shared Plan has no Imunify360 and Firewall Protection

So, these are some Pros and Cons of this web hosting, but in this ChemiCloud Hosting Review, I want to say that if you want to start your eCommerce Website then ChemiCloud is a ideal choice for you.

Because, this is special hosting for eCommerce websites and it handles such websites very well.

So if you want to create an eCommerce website, you can buy this hosting without any hesitation.

A Big Discount & Offer Awaits You

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  1. GeneratePress Premium Theme.
  2. Astra Pro Premium Theme.
  3. NewsPaper X Premium Theme.
  4. Elementor Pro Page Builder.
  5. Thrive Architect Page Builder.
  6. Yoast Premium SEO Plugin.
  7. Rank Math Premium Plugin.
  8. WP Rocket Premium.
We Will give you all these premium items for free with 1 Year updates.
So hurry up and purchase ChemiCloud any web hosting plan and send us your payment paid invoice at [email protected] and quickly get your rewards.

Customer Reviews About ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud Users Reviews
ChemiCloud Users Reviews
ChemiCloud Users Reviews
ChemiCloud Users Reviews

ChemiCloud ratings from top websites that write a review of different hostings.

ChemiCloud Users Reviews

My Opinions & Final Decision

According to my experience with ChemiCloud, I have never had any type problems like (Speed, Uptime, Down Time, Performance, Support, ETC.

There has never been a time when my website has slowed down or seen downtime.

I am totally satisfied with ChemiCloud hosting and support but I would like to tell you that it is only depend on you which web hosting you choose for your website.

I would also like to say that, ChemiCloud is an ideal choice for beginners and people who want to make an online eCommerce store because it’s not more expensive and comes with LiteSpeed Servers.

If you want to create a professional blog and convert your blog into a brand, choose averaged web hosting, because if you choose even cheaper hosting, it will not be suitable for your blog.

If you are new in blogging and want to blogging experience without spending money, you can choose any free web hosting.

I have already written a detailed article on free web hosting in which I have mentioned about the Top Ten Free Web Hosting Services.

So, If you want to experience with blogging you can choose free hosting, and if you want to work professionally I would recommend you to choose ChemiCloud.

Finally, that was my opinion. So if you want to ask any question you can ask it in comment section below.

Also if you have any confusion in your mind type it in the comment section and I will try to clear your confusion.

Premium Rewards Free For You

I have shared my affiliate link on this post, If you purchase web hosting from my affiliate link, I will receive a commission from ChemiCloud, But you don’t have to pay extra for this also if you buy with my affiliate link you will get 70% off.

You have to pay the same price that ChemiCloud is asking for, but the commission we will receive will help us to continue our efforts and provide you more information about Blogging and Earn Money online.

Also, This is our discount link. If there is a discount offer available from ChemiCloud, you can also take advantage of it.

Also, if you buy web hosting from My Affiliate Link, I will give you premium WordPress themes and plugins for free from my side as a gift.

  1. GeneratePress Premium Theme.
  2. Astra Premium Theme.
  3. NewsPaper X Premium Theme.
  4. Elementor Pro Page Builder.
  5. Thrive Architect Page Builder
  6. Yoast Premium SEO Plugin.
  7. Rank Math SEO Premium
  8. WP Rocket Premium.
These are all originals, not nulled or cracked. So you can use them without any doubt with my guarantee. You can also scan these plugins with VirusTotal or any other script scanner.
So, if you are an action taker, don’t think deeply and don’t waste more time, quickly buy web hosting and start your blogging career to earn a lot of money.

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