Blogging For Beginners – Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2021?

Today we will talk about Blogging For Beginners in which we will cover the topics

  • What is Blog?
  • What is Blogging?
  • Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2021?
  • Blog Scope In 2021
  • Still We Can Earn Money From Blog?
  • Tips & Tricks About Blogging For Beginners

Today’s topic is informative, This topic is for beginners, who have just heard about the name of blogging and blog.

They do not know, what it is blog, and how they had to start, what all are the factors involved, What are the types, how they have to monetize, what all are the platforms that have to be considered.

So today I will clear out all doubts about Blogging for Beginners. So in this article, I’ll be explaining in an easier language for blogging. So without any delay let’s start with,

What is a blog?

A blog is a website where the information is frequently updated or added. A blog is a shortened version of “weblog”. Weblog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest published posts appearing first, on the top.

In simple word Blog is a platform where a content writer or a group of content writers share their views, ideas, tips and tricks on an individual subject.

What is Difference Between Blog And Website?

Blogging For Beginners - Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2021?
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So now we will clear your doubt about what is the difference between the blog and the website?

In the website, the information is not updated frequently on regular basis,

For example, There’s a website for the interior designer, and there’s a portfolio in it. Now the portfolio is not been frequently changed or updated within 2 or 3 days or within a week.

Same as in blog, the information updated frequently on regular basis.

If there is a blog, and there some tips are been provided for interior design, how to guides then for that new blogs would be posted. New ideas would be posted, on colour themes, or for furniture.

So there are a lot of articles on that, it becomes a blog.

How To Make A Blog?

Next is, how to make a blog? You can port a blog, or it can be made with the help of a software. The easiest method is to use the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and Blogspot. But if I give the answer in brief then WordPress is the best option to go for it.

If I talk about the websites that are online, 40% among them are WordPress based. The websites that are CMS based has the WordPress base is of 64%. The market share of WordPress is higher and its increasing day by day. So WordPress is the best option to go for Blogging. VS

Blogging For Beginners - Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2021?

For WordPress we have 2 options, ( and ( The main key difference between and is who is  actually hosting your website.

With, you can host your own website with full control and your own Domain Name and web hosting. (we recommend this).

With, you can start WordPress without your own domain and web hosting on the other hand, it is that takes care of all of this for you (easier to start, less freedom).

In Short, If you want to earn money with blogging, scale it or if you have any business and create your website for your blog, I suggest you go with

If you are just a hobby blogger and you want to test WordPress or learning WordPress, then you can go with

What Do You Require To Start A Blog?

Now the question is can anyone start a blog? obviously Yes, anyone can start a blog, you don’t require any sort of degree for it.

So the nest question is what do you require to start a blog?

If you are taking, so you would require 2 things:

1. Domain Name

I have write a complete Domain Buying Guide, as to where you can choose and buy best domain for your website. I have already shared Expire Domain Buying Guide which will help you to find high DA/PA domain with good quality of backlinks and traffic.

2. Web Hosting

So the second item we require is the web hosting where we will host our website files and media.

After coming here, everyone is stuck about which hosting is best to choose.

Because there are so many web hosting companies on the internet and they all compete with each other but I recommend InterServer Web Hosting.

InterServer is an affordable hosting service which is good for beginners. It’s easy to use with good uptime, there are Litespeed servers available also they provide Imunify360 security.

Interserver recently upgraded all of its data centres and servers, these upgradation making their hosting services and performance superfast.

Also InterServer offer huge discount offers right now. So if you want to start your blogging career I highly recommend to use InterServer because there is LiteSpeed servers and Imunify360 security available.

You can test their services for 3 months in only $1. And if you want to buy it for 12 months you only $30 have to pay.

If you all would purchase from the THIS LINK, then you can get extra discount and if you don’t like their services, you can claim for its full refund within 30 days and you will get your money back within 24 hours.

If you are looking for more best web hosting options, then you can VISIT HERE.

How Much Cost To Create A Blog?

If I talk about the costs of a blog. The minimum cost that would be required is of PKR. 6,000. The maximum there is no limit for it because it all depends on the tools and services you are using.

Types Of Blog


1. Personal Blog

If I talk about the types of blog. The first type is of the Personal Blog, where the person talks about their experiences. The main motive for that type of blog Is to make a connection with their audience through their blog.

2. Company Blogs

Then comes the Company Blogs, Like InterServer Hosting, where they have written about blogs, They have explained in detail, what is a hosting, how to use it and all about WordPress. So for giving information, about their own product, the company uses their blogs.

3. Business Blogs

Then comes the Business Blogs. Suppose you want to sell the consultancy services, or software then you can refer to the business blogs, Like, Neil Patel. He doesn’t earn from AdSense and Affiliate marketing, for their blog. Their main revenue is generated from consultancy services, and by selling their software.

4. Professional Blog

Then comes the Professional Blogs. The main aim for them is to earn money like ProPakistani: where you can find Business, Tech, and other news, tips and tricks, and product offers and promotions. So the main purpose there is revenue generation from AdSense or direct advertisement.

5. Niche Blogs

Then comes Niche Blogs. If you are writing about a particular topic or themes, then it is a niche blog, Like for travel or for travel accessories. Suggestions can be provided, like, what shoes are best for hiking, clothing, bags etc. So that all comes under niche blogs.

So there is no such fixed definition in types of blog. Blogs can be made by combining each other like, A personal blog can be combined with professional and affiliate blog. So there is no rigid rule or definition for types of blog, But the general categorisation of the blog is in this manner.

The main question that arises is, at what topic, the blog should be started?

For blog topic, there are a lot of courses, videos and there are online articles available for it. This is known as Niche Selection, the topic on which a blog would be written.

In short, if I tell you, it depends on your interest and knowledge,

Now it shouldn’t mean that you are not at all interested in that topic, It shouldn’t be like that, you would be discussing that topic only when you are the expert of it.

For example: If you have interested in dental, You have a knowledge about it, but you are not the expert of it, You can still discuss that topic, You can share your experiences from whatever you are learning.

In this manner, gradually, you can build your blog Same happens with travelling, You do not need to be expert on travelling, you need not be an expert, as you have travelled a whole country for it. You should be having basic travel experience.

You should know, what sort of bags, shoes, accessories, and which groups you can go along with You can write about it and you can share your experiences.

You can write blogs, share blogs, So here, you would have to do a bit of research for niche selection, you’ll have to spend a bit of time for it. Whatever topic you will select, it would be definitely of your interest.

How To Earn Money From Blog?

Now come to the important topic and that is How can you earn money from your blog?

So you can earn from a blog in many ways, like Google AdSense Ads or direct advertisement, By selling courses and affiliate marketing, By selling my products or someone else’s products, where I am earning a commission,

Then there can be consultancy services, done by Neil Patel, Selling a product or service, earn through sponsored posts, There are many ways.

So it depends, with what topic you are going along, what is the niche, Through this, you will have to select the methods of monetisation.

Now what all things you need to learn for blogging? What would be the requirements for you all to learn, that also I will tell you at the very start, you should have a bit of technical knowledge, How to set up a blog, and install WordPress, how to set up plugins, tweak.

So you would have to learn about it. It’s not very difficult if you will spend some time on Google or YouTube, you will get everything related to it. Then you must know “Content Writing”.

“Content Writing” is very important, how to write a blog and you must have an interest in writing, then only you can write something in a blog. If you don’t have an interest in writing then how would you write about it.

Unless and until you have a good team of content writers and you can finance it then you should know it. If you can finance your team then you should know how to write a basic content and what all things would be required.

You should have a basic experience and interest in that then comes Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is very important for bloggers. How it should be written so that it ranks in Google’s Top Pages.

  • How many people are searching and what all is not being searched?
  • How many competitors are there in a particular article?
  • Can your article rank in it or not?

So all those things come under SEO, you will have to learn that also, In SEO, basically, the demand and supply of a topic is been observed.

If the demand is higher, then you write about that topic particularly, If demand and supply both are greater, then it comes under higher competition.

So at the very start, such topics are ignored, So when you will learn in SEO, so that all would come under this, Niche Selection is very important.

So you will have to learn all these things at the very start. The rest advance level things, a soon as you will progress, you can learn this, then can you earn money from blogging.

The short answer is, yes you can earn money from a blog,

It’s not a guarantee to view it as a business, and business has failures. All the digital business has major chances of failures. Failures definitely happen, and no one can give you a guarantee, it takes time.

How Much You Can Earn Money From A Blog?

There’s no fixed number for that People have earned a lot from blogging, in millions too The money earned by them has been utilised very well.

The traffic has also been utilised, there’s no fixed number for that but if you want to know how much is earned through blog, then you can simply type this on google, Blog Income Report.

So you will get many bloggers who showcase their income reports, and also from where they are earning. So you can get that information from there.

At last, if you are confused with blogging whether you should go for it or not?

Then in my recommendation, you should start first with Medium, Quora and Reddit. If you like to write reviews then you have to write Amazon Reviews. If you are going somewhere, then you can write reviews about that on Google.

All the review platforms and all the pre-existing platforms, where you can simply register and start writing. You can go there and write your content.  It would ensure 2 things, Whether you are actually interested in writing or are you able to write or not.

Second, whatever you are writing, is it liked by your audience or not because these platforms have a lot of audiences already. So this thing is good for testing with the audience, I will advise this every beginner.

So with this one simple trick, you can save the time of your future and this would increase the possibility of your future income generation.

So I hope you would have got the rough idea of blog and blogging. If you want to know about this in more detail, So you can find the detailed blog post, in my blog, You can know about this in detail by reading this blog.

Is Blogging Still Profitable For 2021?

Yes, Blogging is a very profitable business but it takes hard work. If you work hard diligently, you will definitely succeed in blogging and at that time you will earn thousand of dollars.

Because there are so many ways to make money from blogging and most popular is advertisement than affiliate marketing and more.

So the principle of making a lot of money from blogging is to learn blogging first, then find the low competition but profit able niches/topics, then do proper SEO of your blog posts and pages, then increase your social media resources and at the end, you will succeed.

Never give up in any situation, always be confident and learn more. Learn for yourself and then teach other people through your blog.

So that’s all for this one, I usually talk about blogging and digital tools, So if you all are interested in Hosting, Themes, Plugins and Blogging tools.

You can SUBSCRIBE to this BLOG and HIT SHARE BUTTON, So that’s all for this one.

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