Best WordPress Hosting Options For 2021 (Beginners To Pro)

Welcome internet people, Today in this article I’ll be showing you who is the Fastest and Best WordPress Hosting Options For 2021 (Beginners To Pro) and also who is the slowest.

I recorded the performance of 22 different web hosting companies for 90 days and if you want to continue WordPress blogging in 2021, these are the Best WordPress Hosting Options for you.

Today in this article I’m going to show you who had the fastest page speed and also the best uptime. I’ll be breaking this article down into three sections companies.

I don’t recommend web hosting companies that performed on very low and average and companies that are very fast.

So if you’ve seen other web hosting companies and you’re not sure if they’re fast or reliable obtain this article we are going to find out plus I have exclusive discounts for some of these web hosting companies that you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

Now we’ve all bought web hosting that sucks and now I spent around $5,000 for performing this test to provide you all with real quality reviews. So you can have real quality web hosting.

If you do decide to use any of the links mentioned in this article, it does help me make these tutorials for you for free.

So before we start let me show you how I got these results and let me answer a common myth with web hosting. I purchased web hosting accounts from each of these companies and I installed the same size WordPress theme and starter website on each of these domains to provide a fair and accurate reading.

I monitored the page speed of each of these websites every 30 minutes for 90 days straight I then recorded the uptime of the server and recorded every time the server went down for 90 days using Pingdom.

Pingdom is a web hosting monitor tool that records everything about your website and is known as the best resource for monitoring web hosting.

So Today I will be mainly focusing on two specific categories “Page Speed” and “Downtime”.

Page Speed

Page Speed is the time it takes for a website to load the lower, the number, the faster, the server.

Down Time

Downtime is how long the website went offline or was unavailable due to server issues, the more downtime the less reliable the server is and for you techies out there I will also include the server response time which is the amount of time.

If you are a very beginner and want to start your own WordPress Blog. You can read our 12 steps guide to create your own blog easily.

It takes for a web browser to receive a response from the web host but I will mainly be focusing on the page speed and the downtime in this test.

Now I also want to clarify what a lot of people ask me when they’re looking for web hosting most companies today offer packages you see terms like unlimited storage space and a metered bandwidth.

This is simply not true these companies do have a limit when it comes to web hosting you should always ask the web hosting company how much bandwidth or space is included in the package but most of these companies offer a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth and I’ll talk more about this in the article.

I’ll also be talking about renewal fees, it’s important to know when you sign up for a web hosting company that you’re only paying the first to your sales price then your plan renews at a higher cost.

Some of them have my affiliate link on web hosting and if you buy web hosting through my affiliate link I will get some commission but you will not have to pay any extra charges. So if you want to support me buy web hosting from my affiliate link.

Overall Best Web Hosting’s


1. AccuWeb Hosting

Planning to start a blogging site but not sure which WordPress plan to choose? Facing slowness issue with your existing WordPress site? The answer for all your issues is AccuWeb Hosting!

Since its inception in 2003, AccuWeb Hosting has become the most popular Web Hosting provider worldwide. They have servers in more than 15 locations. So, you can select the best server location nearest to your targeted audience.

AccuWeb Hosting’s WordPress plan starts at just $2.99 USD/Month. In addition, you can host Unlimited WordPress sites with a free SSL certificate. Furthermore, their servers are well-optimized with faster SSD storage. Also, their 24*7*365 technical support is unbeatable.

  • Load Time 1.2 seconds
  • 0 Downtime
  • 180 MS Response Time

For all beginners and those with complex WordPress sites, I would strongly recommend AccuWeb Hosting for hassle-free web hosting.

Try AccuWeb Today!

2. InterServer

InterServer is the best web hosting company. They manage their servers very well and that are Lite Speed Server which gives very good speed to the customers.

I have had a really great experience with this web hosting but, we will see whether it’s the best choice for your website/blog or not and its really cheap and fast web hosting?

InterServer is a United State (US) Based hosting service provider owned by Interserver corp and their founders are Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri.
This Web Hosting Company was established in 1999 and since then it has become one of the world’s popular hosting service providers. Especially US Based Companies, Bloggers and Business Websites
One of the main reasons behind InterServer popularity, its  renewal price, also it’s performance, reliability and fast Lite Speed servers, as well as its very decent prices, huge discounts Up To 60% and diverse hosting solutions, suitable to anyone but despite its good reputation.
Read Complete Review Of InterServer

Average Web Hosting’s (Recommended)

So that’s just something to consider when you’re shopping for web hosting first let’s talk about companies you should avoid.

If you are using any of these companies I highly recommend switching now Google recommends that your website should be loading at under three seconds (3 Sec).

So these next companies failed the basic google standard of web hosting.

1. NameCheap

If you are very new to Blogging and try blogging as testing then NameCheap is the best option for you because it’s very cheap web hosting.

Let me tell you, When I started blogging, I started with the NameCheap because I didn’t know then
Whether I will succeed in blogging or not, I have decided to spend as low money as possible so that in case of failure there is no more loss.

But my experience with the NameCheap was great and I never had a problem. The best thing about NameCheap is their support, Their support is very fast and helpful.

  • Load Time 5.9 Seconds
  • 60 Minute Down Time
  • 4800 MS Response Time

I have already shared the NameCheap EasyWP Review with complete detail. NameCheap EasyWP is very cheap managed WordPress hosting all over the world. Click Here to read NameCheap EasyWP Review.

2. HostGator

HostGator performance over the years has been bad but if you from the US or UK, you will get good performance at high speed.

Why am I recommending Hostgator? Because If you search for the UK or US-based bloggers on the Internet or watch their videos on YouTube, they will recommend Hostgator because Hostgator keep their hosting servers in these countries very fast.

But Hostgator may perform slow in outside UK or US countries. So if your targeted audience from the UK or US Hostgator is the best option for you.

HostGator had an average load time of 5.5 seconds to load a website. it had an hour of downtime with 35 outages over 90 days.

HostGator is owned by EIG which has a long reputation of buying mom and pop shops of web hosting and watering them down in return for a profit. I would avoid any web hosting company that is owned by EIG except HostGator & BlueHost.

  • Load Time 5.5 Seconds
  • 60 Minute Down Time
  • 4800 MS Response Time

You can read it’s a detailed review with complete detail about Pros, Cons, Pricing, Services, Speed and everything you want to know HostGator with additional discount codes.

3. BlueHost

Next web hosting is Bluehost yet another EIG company. Bluehost had an average load time of 4 seconds but they had an average downtime of 23 minutes which actually isn’t that bad. This is probably the least average company that is owned by EIG but I would still recommend it.

  • Load Time 4 Seconds
  • 23 Minutes Down Time
  • 3000 MS Response Time

Bluehost was my first choice when I started blogging and it was a great web hosting at that time and WordPress also officially recommended this web hosting.

I’ve already written a full detailed review of BlueHost with all the pros and cons. BlueHost is still my first choice and I am very satisfied with its services.

So if you want to know more about it, you can read my review and you will also get an additional discount from the link in it.

4. ResellerClub

ResellerClub offering is equally large. You can purchase shared Linux and Windows web hosting plans, Reseller hosting plans, Content Management System (CMS) plans and packages, VPS and dedicated server rentals.

Reseller Club had an average load time of 4.2 seconds but they had an average downtime of 30 minutes which actually isn’t that bad. Reseller Club probably the least average company that is owned by EIG but I would still recommend Reseller Club.

  • Load Time 4.2 Seconds
  • 30 Minutes Down Time
  • 3200 MS Response Time

Average Web Hosting’s (Not Recommended)


1. InMotion Hosting

The next web hosting is InMotion Hosting. InMotion Hosting had the slowest speed on the list and loading at around 6.7 seconds and it also had 24 hours of downtime which is just crazy to avoid this one at all costs.

  • Load Time 6.7 Seconds
  • 24 Hours Down Time
  • 5900 MS Response Time

2. HostPapa

The next web hosting company is HostPapa and sadly this company used to be a lot faster at one point in my career and I did recommend them.

HostPapa had an average load time of 3.4 seconds with 33 minutes of downtime which is not that bad yet companies downgrade their servers and upgrade. So hopefully next year I can say something positive about HostPapa.

  • Load Time 3.4 Seconds
  • 33 Minutes Down Time
  • 4400 MS Response Time

3. iPage Web Hosting

Next is iPage and that is another EIG company. iPage had an average load time of 4.67 seconds with 20 hours of downtime. They do have dirt cheap prices but that’s probably because their service is terrible to avoid this one at all costs if you can.

  • Load Time 4.67 Seconds
  • 20 Hours Down Time
  • 8200 MS Response Time

4. MediaTemple.Net (Not Recommended)

The next web hosting company is This company had a long history of being slow. MediaTemple’s average load time was around 4.85 seconds with three hours of downtime over 90 days.

  • Load Time 4.85 Seconds
  • 3 Hours Down Time
  • 4200 MS Response Time

5. TMD Hosting (Not Recommended)

TMD Hosting one really pains me because I used to promote this company a few years ago on a lot of my past WordPress tutorials. TMD’s average load time was 3.93 seconds with more than 7 hours of downtime over 90 days.

  • Load Time 3.93 Seconds
  • 7 Hours Down Time
  • 3900 MS Response Time

Average Fast Web Hosting’s

Now, these next companies barely met the google standard of your site loading at around three seconds. So with these next companies, In these companies I highly recommend ChemiCloud and FastComet because I have a good experience with these two web hosting companies.

1. Chemi Cloud

So if you want to try them out go for it first is ChemiCloud. ChemiCloud barely met the google standard of a load time of around 2.94 seconds but actually had some small downtime of around 10 minutes over 90 days.

The pricing is decent with their middle WordPress pro plan being around $100 for the year. They also have some pretty low renewal fees.

You can also read it’s dedicated review with all features, Pros & Cons, Reliability, Uptime, Down Time, Response Time, Speed and everything you need to know before buying any web hosting.

  • Load Time 2.94 Seconds
  • 10 minute Down Time
  • 5000 MS Response Time

2. FastComet

The next is FastComent known for its dedicated hosting, FastComet average load time on average was 2.5 seconds. They had 10 minute  of downtime over 90 days which is a not bad in my opinion.

The prices are quite impressive you can get a year of hosting for as little as $70. FastComet does offer a lot of pointless extras like search engine optimization for $5.99 and $15 for a simple google site map which you can simply upload yourself for free.

Personally, I think FastComet is better for dedicated servers. It actually has some very good dedicated server specs and deals that are worth your time.

  • Load Time 2.5 Seconds
  • 10 Minut Down Time
  • 3600 MS Response Time

3. GoDaddy

The next web hosting company is GoDaddy what would a web hosting test be without GoDaddy. GoDaddy barely met the google standards with low tides of 2.98 seconds and had a terrible amount of downtime with 16 hours.

GoDaddy is a large corporate company. So now I think they rather peace with shareholders than offer top quality services for their customers. I have never been able to figure out GoDaddy’s plans.

If you look at the ultimate plan it costs around 12.99, but there is no difference from the maximum plan costing 19.99. GoDaddy has always had somewhat of a bad reputation but that also might be because they do have a large user base.

  • Load Time 2.98 Seconds
  • 16 hours Down Time
  • 3600 MS Response Time

4. GreenGeek

The next company is GreenGeeks. Two years ago this was the fastest web hosting available but they have definitely slowed down with speed over the years.

GreenGeek’s page speeds were around 2.9 seconds on average with around 43 minutes of downtime over 90 days. GreenGeeks does offer some pretty good deals you can get a year of hosting for around 100 and 2 years of hosting for around 160 bucks with also some pretty low renewal fees. So it’s not bad if you’re on a budget.

  • Load Time 2.9 Seconds
  • 43 minutes Down Time
  • 2200 MS Response Time

5. FlyWheel

With FlyWheel  I am a little disappointed in this one last year. This company performed really well this year the company’s speed lacked.

I was very skeptical about putting get flywheel in this category, but I think I should and I will explain why the average load time I had with getting flywheel was around 2.5 seconds.

They also had some good uptime at only 26 minutes of downtime but for the price you are paying and the limits.

They give you I think these results should be a lot better to host 10 websites. You’ll have to pay 115 a month without any upgrades.

You also need to migrate your website to get flywheel as they don’t offer and they don’t sell domains. The results aren’t bad but for the price, I think you can find something much better.

  • Load Time 2.5 Seconds
  • 26 minutes Down Time
  • 2200 MS Response Time

Fast Web Hosting’s

Okay, so these next 10 companies I personally recommend. They perform better than every other hosting company. On this entire list, they had great speeds and good uptime.

So for these next 10 companies, I will talk about why I like them and things I didn’t like about them as well.

Welcome to the winner’s lounge, now every company on this list I do recommend and I do have exclusive discounts for a lot of these companies.

1. A2Hosting

Next, we have A2Hosting and this is a suitable company for people who are brand new to WordPress. Now A2Hosting performed at around 2.18 seconds with only an hour of downtime. Actually, that is quite a long time and an hour of downtime over the last year.

They had about an hour of downtime, the pricing for A2Hosting is a little more expensive. They are a little bit more expensive than other hosting companies.

The renewal fees are decent though so when you look at the hosting plans you might want to look at their renewal fees.

So on average people usually get their Turbo Boost Plan and that’s the one I used for this specific test. So for about the year, you’ll pay around  9.99 USD, and when it’s time to renew you’ll pay around 19.99 the renewal fees.

  • Load Time 2.18 Seconds
  • 60 minutes Down Time
  • 2400 MS Response Time

I have shared a dedicated review with all pros and cons, uptime, downtime, speed test and everything you want to know about A2Hosting.


2. Kinsta

At number 10 is Kinsta. Now Kinsa has always been just a rock-solid web hosting company. If you go to any Facebook group or any poll, Kinsa is usually going to be on the top 10 list somewhere.

They had an average low time of 1.27 seconds with only five minutes of downtime which is very impressive.

Now the only downside about Kinsta is that they are expensive in fact. They are the most expensive company on this entire list.

So for a hundred dollars a month you get about you know um five WordPress installs, a hundred thousand visits which I think is the equivalent of around 200 gigs of bandwidth and you get around 30 gigs of disk space.

So although they are expensive the performance definitely makes up for it. Now if you are brand new to WordPress or hosting I do not recommend Kinsa. It’s more geared for people who are developers.

It’s more geared for people who have been in the game for a while. You will have to migrate your website and even sometimes you will have to change some settings yourself.

The support can be questionable personally I think their support is not the best but again that’s my personal experience but performance-wise this company is amazing.

  • Load Time 1.27 Seconds
  • 5 minutes Down Time
  • 714 MS Response Time


3. CloudWays

Now CloudWays performed really well, so they had an average load time of 1.37 seconds with only seven minutes of downtime over the last 30 days. Now CloudWays is a little different than the other typical hosting companies.

So they work as a middleman for companies like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Vulture even DigitalOcean. They are a little expensive and you are better off going to those companies and doing it yourself, however, it’s a lot more technical it’s very complicated

So CloudWays is like more of the middleman to make sure everything goes easier. They are also very expensive, unfortunately. So CloudWays can get a little pricey but personally, the performance again makes up for it.

So I would only recommend Cloudwise for people who have been in the game for a while. If you’re brand new to WordPress, I do not recommend CloudWays but for people who have been in the game for a while, CloudWays is a very good choice.

  • Load Time 1.37 Seconds
  • 7 minutes Down Time
  • 769 MS Response Time


4. WPX Hosting

Now the turn of WPX Hosting. Now, this company is fast and I got a lot of requests to do this company. So I figured I would add it to my list.

WPX had an average load time of 643MS which is probably the top three fastest companies on this entire list.

So they didn’t have a lot of spikes of downtime except for ours which was this right here which was our problem but they had around three hours of downtime over the last 90 days that is a little bit you know that’s a little bit too much but again their speed definitely makes up for it.

So let’s take a look at their monthly plans. So the monthly plans are not a bad deal. So for the professional, you do get 15 websites, 20 gigs of storage, and 200 gigs of bandwidth which is pretty much.

What Kinsa is offering pretty much the same thing. In the elite plan, you can hold 35 websites with 40 gigs of storage and unlimited bandwidth. I am not really sure if that’s really unlimited.

They all say that but there’s usually always a catch for the price. You pay it’s not bad the downtime is a little alarming to me in my book even though the speed is very fast.

This company really surprised me I do wish they just had better uptime unfortunately they just did have a lot of spikes of downtime over the last three months for just some amazing speed.

  • Load Time 643MS
  • 3 Hours Down Time
  • 656 MS Response Time

5. SiteGround

Next, we have SiteGround and SiteGround is a company that I have recommended over the years. They are a reliable company now. There is an elephant in the room and I will address that really quickly but first let’s talk about their specs.

So they had an average load time of 2.24 seconds which is very similar to A2Hosting and they had around 11 minutes of downtime which really is not that bad at all.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at their 90-day mark. We have the 90 days I think they had an hour or 30 minutes of downtime over three months that’s really not that bad, to be honest.

So this company recently raised their prices and I am very aware of that and people were saying they are gonna leave siteground because of that but their prices are still cheap when you compare them to other companies.

SiteGround is still cheaper than A2Hosting. So if you want a year of hosting on the to grow big account you’ll pay around 150 for the entire year A2Hosting charges around 180 for that, Now I will say though their renewal fees are higher than A2Hosting.

So A2Hosting’s renewal fees are 20 a month and sitegrounds are 25 a month so that’s something that you might want to consider but what you’re really paying for with siteground is you’re paying for the support.

So everyone that uses this company always say the same thing, their support is just number one it’s just unbeatable. If there’s a problem with your website these guys will usually fix it within the hour.

So they are really fast with the support because I have used other companies and you know how it goes you submitted tickets and then seven hours later did you clear your cash.

So siteground is definitely a website that is you know it’s worth checking out I personally use siteground on my website and I do recommend them in my articles.

The renewal fees can be a little expensive. So that’s just something to consider Siteground I definitely recommend them.

  • Load Time 2.24 seconds
  • 3o Minutes Down Time
  • 2000 MS Response Time

6. WP Engine

Next, we have WPEngine. WP Engine performed one of the fastest on this whole list but again they are again the most expensive company on this list. So siteground performed on an average of a load time of 642MS with only six minutes of downtime that is extremely impressive.

Now the plans with the WP Engine are very expensive so they are pretty much neck and neck with Kinsta. So for a hundred dollars a month you get around 100,000 visits which are 200 gigs of bandwidth and it’s funny on their website.

Ok, we get that 20 gigs of storage which is really not that much, to be honest. So if you want to check out WP Engine go ahead and check them out. They had just amazing optimization, they had just amazing speeds and they’re definitely worth it.

You know they are a little expensive just keep that in mind but for performance, it definitely makes up for it.

  • Load Time 642MS
  • 6 Minutes Down Time
  • 577 MS Response Time

7. Known Host

Next, we have KnownHost. This company just kind of came out of the blue. So someone in my Facebook group said we should test out Known Host and I said guys this site looks old and it is old it’s very old.

The site looks really bad and I just am not a fan of their design but I said you know what I don’t care we have to test everybody.

We have to give everyone a fair chance and Known Hosts surprised me, So they had an average low time of 1.13 seconds with no downtime over the last 30 days and that is very impressive.

Now this company I will be very honest, I am not trying to attack them in any way but their support was really not that good. I had a problem setting up my hosting account and it took around a few days.

I almost gave up on them but I went a step further and I said no we’re going to test you out, you know we’re going to test it out.

So the test the package that I chose for my specific test was the standard shared hosting. So I have an exclusive discount for the shared hosting.

So if you go to any of the shared hostings and use the code “Darrel10”  you will save 10% more off the entire purchase, no matter how much time or whatever you spend.

I will be honest their back end is a little old school, So when you buy hosting through them and you go to the back end it is a little old school you can definitely tell this is a mom-and-pop shop hosting company, but their speeds are incredible. So you can definitely check out Known Host, they are one website to consider

  • Load Time 1.13 Seconds
  • 0 Second Down Time
  • 1007 MS Response Time

8. Nexcess

Next, it Nexcess. Nexcess is the best managed hosting on this entire list and I will explain why so their performance was around 963MS which is under one second.

Now I know there’s WP Engine performed faster but guys you’re not going to ever see 200MS with the human eye. It’s like are you going to see a website load and say oh that was 250MS, oh that was 400MS like you’re never going to see the difference.

So at this point you kind of want to see what’s the best value for money and also what you’re getting with your money.

So they had an average downtime of 1 minute over the last 90 days wow impressive. Now the reason why this company blows the other ones out of the water is that you get a lot more with I guess you want to say Nexcess than other managed hosting companies.

So let’s take a look at their designer package which is their newest package they created today so for a hundred dollars a month you get 60 gigs of storage.

Let’s compare that to WP Engine so for 100 a month you only get 20 gigs of storage, so you get three times more storage with this company than you do with WP Engine paying the same price.

Now, this is where Nexcess and liquid web just win everything four terabytes of bandwidth that is a lot so that is pretty much, 2.5 million monthly visits every single month but with these guys, you only get around 200 gigabytes. So I just can’t really argue that you’re not getting your money’s worth.

If you are looking for managed WordPress hosting and you have a lot of traffic and you need a lot of space this company is definitely I think the number one company to go with you also do get a 14-day free trial.

  • Load Time 963MS
  • 1 Minute Down Time
  • 461 MS Response Time

9. NameHero

Next, we have NameHero. NameHero is the most cost-effective company on this entire list. If you’re looking for fast web hosting that’s cheap. NameHero was probably one of your best choices due to their average load time was 1.98 seconds and they only had 14 minutes of downtime over the last three months which is pretty good.

Now NameHero worked out an exclusive discount for me and you will get 70% off any of their packages and you will not find this discount anywhere else on the internet.

So let’s just take a look at their price plan, let’s just do their Turbo Cloud now one thing I do recommend is if you are gonna sign up for NameHero try to sign up for a long period because there is a renewable fee but if you lock in like their three-year deal at $5.99.

That works out for the like the three years so there is a renewal fee but that renewal fee will not apply until after your three years is over. So you want to try to go as long as possible.

For three years of hosting with NameHero, you’re only going to pay around $218 bucks which are again the most cost-effective on this entire list, and their performance is amazing.

So if you do want to try you know NameHero definitely check them out because they use lightspeed servers, they are known for having just good uptime, very fast speed, and this discount is exclusive to my channel.

  • Load Time 1.98 Second
  • 14 Minutes Down Time
  • 1.6 Second Response Time

10. Hostinger

The last Web hosting Hostinger. Hostinger performed one of the best web hostings now. They also offer a lot more than typical web hosting companies. So their low time on average was 1.15 seconds and they had only about one minute of downtime.

Now I am gonna explain why I rank Hostinger as number one compared to other web hosting companies. So I use their WordPress hosting plan. If you go to Hostinger and you go to WordPress hosting this is the plan that I use for this specific test.

You get a hundred gigs of disk space which is pretty much that’s more than pretty much every company on this entire list and you also do get unlimited bandwidth.

Now I contacted them about this because a lot of companies say that and they say that for the typical website that they will give you unlimited bandwidth and if you get like millions and millions and millions of visits.

They might have to throttle your website but for something around like half a million visitors, this plan is suitable. So that is very cost-effective it’s also a light-speed server and lightspeed servers are known to be the fastest and you can tell just by looking at the statistics.

Now I do have an exclusive discount for Hostinger for all of their plans in the description below. This discount is bigger than any other discount you will find on the internet as well I am very lucky to have such massive discounts.

If you buy Hostinger right now you will get a huge discount, if you buy it’s WordPress Starter plan’s normal price is $179.88 but if you buy it right now you can get this package at just $64.68 per year and that means you can get up to 64% discount.

Best WordPress Hosting Options For 2021 (Beginners To Pro)

So if you want to do it for 24 months you can do that if you want to do it for 48 months the plan works or the discount works for all of their plans. So Hostinger is just their plans are amazing what they give to their customers is very good.

They speak like 40 languages and if you’re looking for cheap hosting I mean 130 dollars for three years instead of 720 dollars of WordPress hosting for these results I would have to say is the best value for your money.

So again I rank hosting your number one this year I think that’s their performance is great, I think that their uptime was amazing and their prices are super cheap.

If you go with their Premium shared Hosting Plan for 48 months then you will get this at just $1.70 per month and the total payable amount is $81.60 instead of $460.32.

If you buy Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting for one year it cost must be $64.68 for a year. But if you buy the same plan for 48 months, you will only have to pay $80.60 for it and this means you can get these services for 4 years by paying just $16.90 Dollars extra.

Final Opinions

In this whole list, I have talked about 24 web hosting companies and every company has different services, response time, speed, and pricing. So now I will tell you which web hosting is better for you according to your criteria.

For Beginners, 

If you are a newbie and want to start your first blog then you can go with NameCheap, BlueHost, HostGator, or ResellerClub. Because these 4 web hosting’s are very cheap and perfect for beginners.

If you want to start your Blog with a very low budget then NameCheap and ResellerClub is an ideal option for you because these are too much cheap.

If you have a little much budget then Bluehost and if your target audience from the Uk then HostGator is the best option for you.


For Average Bloggers,

For bloggers who are already working in this field and have a lot of content on their blogs and a good amount of traffic to their blogs, then ChemiCloud (Especially For eCommerce Websites), FastComet, GoDaddy, Green Geeks and FlyWheel are the best options for such bloggers.

Now the prices of all these web hosting’s are different, so you can buy the one you like better and if you take my opinion I will recommend you a FastComet out of all of them.


For Pro Bloggers,

It is not my intention to tip pro bloggers because I am also learning from pro bloggers myself but this is for bloggers who don’t have an idea about web hosting’s.

So, If you have a blog with too much content and high traffic means millions of traffic then these web hosting’s are compulsory for you.

  • A2Hosting
  • Kinsta
  • CloudWays
  • WPX Hosting
  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine
  • Known Host
  • Nexcess
  • NameHero

And in which these web hosting’s my choice is A2Hosting because A2hosting comes with average pricing with lots of features and able to handle millions of traffic. All other web hosting’s are much expensive but A2Hosting is reasonable.

So, if you have millions of traffic and a multi-purpose blog and you upload a lot of content, you can choose A2Hosting to handle it and if you need more you can go with SiteGround.

SiteGround has recently increased its price and making a bit more expensive web hosting. A2Hosting provides the same speed and specs at just $4.99, while the SiteGround is giving in $9.99.


Not Recommended,

Below are some web hosting that I do not recommend but should be mentioned so that you know about these web hosting’s.

  • InMotion Hosting
  • HostPapa
  • iPgae
  • MediaTemple.Net
  • TMD Hosting


Overall Best And Cheap Web Hosting,

ChemiCloud is the best web hosting in this whole list because ChemiCloud uses LiteSpeed servers that are faster than other servers and recently ChemiCloud offering a huge discount up to 70% right now.

If you buy ChemiCloud Pro Hosting Plan, you have to pay only $107 for a yearly plan but if you buy ChemiCloud with This Discount Link you will get extra discount and you have to pay only $64.44 for a year and that is not bad and affordable prices.

ChemiCloud Discount Coupons


If we talk about its WordPress Turbo plan ChemiCloud offers only $155.40 for 12 months but if you purchase with This Discount Link you will get extra discount and you have to pay $93.24 for a year.

ChemiCloud Discount Coupon

But I would also like to say that it is not right to buy web hosting for such a long time because we are not sure whether we will be able to run with this hosting for such a long time or not.

So always buy hosting for one year plan, Because if it’s not up to our standards, we’ll leave it and choose a new hosting not that we have to use it for a long time.

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