Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

Hey, guys here I want to talk about the Best Video Conferencing Options like Zoom. So what are they let’s see we have a zoom, we have Google Meet which is previously Google Hangout then we have Microsoft Team and then we have Cisco Webex, and then finally we have GoToMeeting.

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  1. Zoom
  2. Google Meet
  3. Microsoft Team
  4. Cisco Webex
  5. GoToMeeting

So these are the Best Video Conferencing Options for online exams and meetings. These five online conferencing apps I talked about are the most popular or most dominant forces in the market today and zoom is something that everybody has heard of so what I’m going to do in this article is to give you my honest opinion of how well I think they work ease of use price.

By the way, is kind of all very comparable even Microsoft and cisco are now coming out with versions that everybody can accept. So it’s no longer an exclusive enterprise solution.

This article could be really interesting because I’ve read a lot of articles on Best Video Conferencing Options and apps, you know pc magazine and all that and I find that most of those articles are trying to be very politically correct and even though those articles are not trying to necessarily favor one company over the other.

But I think they’re trying to walk a really fine line to not piss anybody off also to be completely fair technology changes constantly, For example, I used to absolutely hate using Microsoft Team and Cisco Webex.

Whenever I get one of those links it’s always from a company sometimes a very stuffy company and I expect the link to not work but since the pandemic especially I would say since March, April 2020 I see these companies really step up their games in terms of usability, pricing, features and I see more empathy in general.

So they do work however in this article I want to really talk to you guys about how you can choose and who knows maybe where you need to pivot to in case zoom stops working.

Now as a digital marketer by trade and it’s the nature of my business, I have clients in multiple industries, I have several clients on retainers. So that it’s really important for me to make sure that a Zoom works but I need a backup plan.

It’s really important for me to be well versed in the world of virtual meetings and all my clients or you know might choose to use different things in a way. I need to adapt to what they’re comfortable with it’s not always my call. So let’s talk about the 5 Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021.

1. Zoom

Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

So with that said No.1 is Zoom. Zoom has made it really consumer-friendly whether you’re an educator where this is a family gathering for thanksgiving new year anybody can use it and the ease of use really.

Is what Zoom has been thriving on and months ago there were issues with zoom bombing. Zoom has implemented a lot of security features. Now in general when you look at zoom and how it pivoted from really supporting primarily corporations to all of a sudden consumers. Sort of BTCS and you know the development process really changes and it’s not without faults.

So for ease of use and if you’re just getting started and if everybody in your world is already using zoom I would say it’s safe to stick with zoom.  My personal preference for zoom is also that it makes people look pretty good.

Now, this is a really strange part that zoom does make people look better for my meetings. I try to turn on touch-up just a little bit around like 20 or so because I realize that in general, zoom makes it pretty natural.

So it’s not trying to completely mask your face even at 100 but I tend to just like do a little bit. So it looks natural I also like the new feature which we have produced a video for as well as adjust background lights a lot of us can be hosting meetings in a room without a lot of natural lights  So you won’t have ring lights and all these external lights near you.

So yeah having these features are really important yet I don’t see Google or Microsoft or cisco having those features and what I dislike the most about these three competitors. I would say is the inability to really make the videos look decent or good especially the one that you’re looking at for example still on google meet.

Today that not only that there’s no touch up the lighting is a little bit poor and you can see yourself and also you know your attendees just not really looking their best. I know we’re all tired and a little bit stressed out these days. So that I would say is definitely a pro for Zoom.

2. Google Meet

Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

Now let’s talk about Google Meet. So that is gonna be your second runner-up. It’s something that you do not want to neglect or not pay attention to not only it’s a great backup. Google meet also comes with a free version.

Google meet used to be called google hangout and it’s something that I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to because of my client meetings at the time already since 2017.

I’ve been using Zoom the benefits are that let’s not forget Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it comes with Gmail google suite or g suite. So there are a lot of features that you can neglect google has the most dominant.

I would say ecosystem so google calendar again google drive all these things are seamlessly integrated. So you can see that you know google meet is definitely gonna stay in the game and I even suspect that with enough power and concentration and paying attention to the market.

You know I would say Zoom and Google mean is going to be net connect and at some point I think Google meet is really going to take off for a variety of reasons I mentioned previously.

3. Microsoft Team

Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

Now let’s talk about Microsoft Team more than 90 companies out of the 100 fortune companies in the US are using Microsoft Team. It sounds to me like an exaggeration but then again I am also not entirely surprised.

So Microsoft Team from what I have learned I have used which is very limited. I would say during the pandemic in 2020 I probably have used Microsoft Teams just a few times max.

Now I have a lot of clients who are senior executives who have to use the team regularly. They don’t always love it not because it doesn’t work but it’s because it has all these features including security features and creating teams and groups and therefore complicates permissions.

So definitely if it’s a family event or if you’re an educator dealing with kids and families, in general, I think Microsoft Team most likely will be overkill unless there’s a specific feature that enables you to do what you do so I would say MS Team is there for a reason.

I think big companies love it because it checks off so many boxes for me. I don’t anticipate that to be around I’ll be going down on you know as a creative entrepreneur anytime soon.

4. Cisco Webex

Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

Cisco Webex. I personally had terrible experiences with Webex in the past, I would say five to ten years. So they’ve been around for a long time. I remember it not work most of the time and it’s not a surprise.

Now it works they redesign the landing page and for the most part, it looks you know really enterprise-level really slick but I’ve used Cisco Webex for a number of virtual events and generally it runs but i would say that in my experiences always be with Webex associated with very very professional interactions and you know it just doesn’t really have the same look and feel compared to Zoom.

Zoom to me it’s very very end-user driven it doesn’t look or feel like corporate at all with that said I would say you know based on what I have experienced MS Team and Webex or Microsoft and Cisco are very comparable.

In a way, whereas I would put zoom and google meet in their own category I’m more targeted at consumers they don’t cost very much again. Now they’re free versions that many of us can take advantage of as well.

So perhaps you know if you are someone who needs to consider both solutions maybe one that you’re using that is MS Team or Cisco Webex, but you also have another solution Zoom or Google and or Google Meet available as well.

That’s a crazy part guys I know so many people including myself who have all of these four-plus apps installed on my computer main computer as well as my laptop and here’s another tricky part is when you have all of these virtual meeting apps on your computer I feel like it just gets complicated and that means.

By the way here’s my final tip is that you have to sometimes restart your machine making sure that all four or five apps are up to date that you install the updates religiously regularly.

I noticed personally for me when I have all of these apps installed the microphone the sound systems are kind of competing with one another and sometimes it gets confused. I have a client also with Microsoft and Cisco installed.

Sometimes it makes his Zoom app not work so these are the things to pay attention to one more thing I’d like to mention is going to a meeting that’s in a really interesting spot.

5. GoToMeeting

Best Video Conferencing Options For Online Exams And Meetings 2021

I would put GoToMeeting right in the middle in between the consumer stuff like the zoom and the google meet and also the other side which is the Microsoft and Cisco’s and the reason for that is I actually really enjoy using GoToMeeting back in 2016 and 2017.

I really liked it was really easy to share screen plus here’s the thing i never really used to GoToMeeting for the kind of showing my face were these virtual meetings with camera turn on and instead it was very effective for us to share PowerPoint presentations or documents from Google drive.

But I noticed right now I use GoToMeeting exclusively for just one meeting and that can be pretty annoying. Now GoToMeeting is fairly strong when it comes to getting the transcription and you know ease of use people seem to like it especially from the administrative end of things.

Personally, I gotta say that some of the things just don’t work for example there’s no touch-up, you know adjusting backlights but also audio has constantly been an issue and sometimes videos as well.

So I remember my last meeting on GoToMeeting just one week prior there were only four people in that meeting and literally, you know I have high-speed internet at home, I have professional microphones, I was not able to connect to my microphone’s connected to an audio interface.

It did not work it actually never worked no matter what i restarted the interface won’t work I’ve never really experienced it within zoom and halfway through the meeting two of my colleagues dropped out one froze the other you know had video issues.

So what we decided to do here’s the thing is I then sent my zoom link out everybody hopped back on and nobody had any issues.

So you know when something like that happens it’s really hard to say let’s just be patient because the reality is if you’re in a professional meeting in my case, the meeting was paid for it was a therapy session for all of us then every second really counts right.

You know if you have to kind of juggle between the abs you’re losing 5, 10, 15 minutes from your existing meeting. So I do think it’s really really important for us to you know really cut ourselves some slack and understand one another but then really choose the app that is reliable and that’s designed and that works for what we’re trying to do.

So I hope you find this article helpful, I really wanted to talk through these things this came highly requested and I realized it’s true, it’s a really good question that I haven’t spent enough time really processing and summarizing and help you learn some things and we share this article with another friend or colleague again.

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