Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

If you are looking to Start a website, but not sure which domain name to use for your website? Picking the right domain name is not easy.

Specially when you looking or come up with something unique, memorable, and meaningful only to find out that it’s already taken.

So In this article, we will share with you “The Best Domain Name Generator Tools” to help you find the perfect domain name for your website and business and they are all free tools.

Before We Start

Before we start looking at domain name generator tools, we want to share few domain name best practices as well as show you, How you can get your first domain name for free!

Let’s get the basics information.

A domain name is your website’s address all over the internet. This is what people type to get to your website home page (like as or 

To learn more about domain name buying guides, see our beginner’s guide on How To Buy Domain Names And How Do They Work.

Before choosing a good domain name, you should keep the following criteria in mind. It is very important and necessary:

  • Try to register a .com on high priority, because it’s the most recognized.
  • Make sure it’s pronounce easy to understand
  • Choose Domain Name as short as possible
  • Use your niche related keyword in domain name if you can
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers, dashes etc
  • Don’t infringe on others trademark registered companies

So Now that you know that “What a good domain name” should have, you might be wondering now “How much does a domain name cost, and what you have to pay?”

Mostly Domain names typically cost around $12 to $15 per year (that’s for .com,) also, If you get other obscure extensions, then they will cost you even more.

How to Get a Free Domain Name?

Chances are if you are looking for a domain name, then you are trying to start a new blog or personal / business website which means that you also need web hosting to store your website on the internet.

So, you can see our guideline on the Domain Name  And Web Hosting.

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so use the domain name generator tools below to find the domain name relevant you niche or that you like, and then come back to our website to claim the offer.

For more details and step by step instructions, see our article on how to register a domain name.

So, let’s take a look at the best free domain name generator tools on the internet.

Best Domain Name Generator Tools

Word of advice: These domain name generator tools are artificial intelligence, so they are not perfect and sometimes they do not provide accurate information. 

However, they are good enough to get the creative juices flowing in your mind, so here you can pick the best domain name for your website.

We will start with the domain name generators, that require the least number of input from you, before moving on to those tools that make you the brains of the operation via different customisation options and parameters options. 

Let’s get started.

Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About the LeanDomainSearch – This is a tool created by team Automattic and the company responsible for the platform of and the core team is working on WordPress itself, which means, they should be quite experienced when it comes to website and domain names.

How to use this tool? This tool is really easy to use! All you do is provide only one seed keyword usually something that defines for your niche and then let the magic happen. 

This domain name generator tool comes back with tens or even thousands of domain name ideas, and mostly are available for registration as a .com.

Who will use it? Use this domain generator tool if you don’t have an idea for a domain name at all, but only a keyword or a couple of keywords that define your niche or business.

Let’s talk about LeanDomainSearch pros and cons.


  • It let’s you “favourite” some domain names and review them later.
  • It let’s you register domain names straight through this tool.
  • It also checks available Twitter user names.
  • It shows you your domain search search history.

  • This tool only shows availability for .com  domain names. There are no other TLD’s to choose from.
Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About the Shopify – As the business name suggests, this tool has been made by Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular and best eCommerce solutions on the web. This generator tool is very similar to LeanDomainSearch in the way it operates.

How to use this tool?   Just input a seed keyword, and see what suggestions this generator tool has for you. The domain names you will get are all available as a .com, and also you can register them right on the spot. 

Who should use this tool? This is a best tool to get an idea about your business name.

Let’s talk about Shopify pros and cons.


  • The domains name it suggests you seem to be a bit more creative compared with LeanDomainSearch.
  • It let’s you build a Shopify online store immediately after you choose a domain name. 
  • But that’s only a pro, if that is what you are actually interested in doing. 

  • Shopify shows you availability for only  .com domain names.
  • If you want to just register a domain name without a Shopify store on top of it, you can not do with this tool.
Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About NameBoy – This domain names generator tool are very interesting by Nameboy, especially if you want to register more TLDs domains than just the standard .comIt does a better job when you have an idea as to what your domain name should be.

How do we use the tool? To get the most out of this tool, you will provide it with your main niche keyword, and plus a secondary niche keyword that you want to combine into one domain name.

Who use this tool? Use this tool if you have a general idea about your keyword or what you want your domain name to be.

Let’s talk about NameBoy pros and cons.

  • It show’s you availability for a handful of TLDs domains.
  • It also show’s you domain names available for resale.
  • It allows you to provide two seed keywords and combine both in the domain.
  • It allow you to enable or disable hyphens search.

  • If you want to buy domain name directly from Nameboy, the checkout process is labeled “Unsafe” by Google. So it can be risky.
Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About DomainWheel – This tool comes with a modern interface and a simple, appealing design, Domain Wheel has an added aim of making your domain name search more interesting.

DomainWheel generates a number of combinations with each search, putting together a list of original domain names that are meant to fit your web site’s identity, and can display up to 15 domain extensions and “.com, .org, .net, .biz, .info etc”, which you can toggle using a handy drop-down.

If the very specific names generated are not right for your web site, DomainWheel also provides a some random suggestions and a list of keywords related to your keywords you’re looking for.

How do we use the tool? Open DomainWheel.Com and go to the homepage and type in the keywords you want to search. Next, pick the extensions you as per your requirements, and let the wheel spin. When the list of names appears, choose the one from the list you want and head to the domain registration form.

Who should use it? Whether you’re targeting specific keywords or you’re open to keyword ideas, DomainWheel is good at providing interesting and creative suggestions and combinations. The results of a searched domain name include both specific and random names, so, if you need a catchy domain name, it’s definitely worth a try.

Let’s talk about DomainWheel pros and cons.

  • DomainWheel comes with creative name alternatives: “sounds like”, “rhymes with”.
  • The tool’s interface is fast, simple and gorgeous.
  • You can reduce the results by extension.
  • It shows you keywords that are related to your searched topic. 

  • DomainWheel doesn’t offer many options to filter the search results.
  • It does not have social media search availability.
Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About DomainBot – This tool does a great job of not only generates interesting domain names for you, but also letting you pick the synonym you’d like to use alongside your original relevant keywords. This can result in some cool customization, you would not have stumbled upon otherwise.

How do we use this tool? Start be providing one or more keywords. After you do the initial search, you’ll be able to customize the TLD’s you are interested in, add or change the synonyms, and even add your relevant prefixes and suffixes. 

The list of domain names comes back with starts with the most straight-forward combinations of your relevant keywords, and then goes into the more creative ones.

Who should use it? Use it to check a numbers of TLD’s at the same time, and also to customize your keywords synonyms, prefixes and suffixes, which will give you a lot more control.

Let’s talk about DomainsBot pros and cons.

  • It offer a good customization with synonyms, prefixes and suffixes for relevant keywords.
  • There are multiple TLDs options.
  • You can directly register your domain straight from the generator via your registrar of choice.

  • The domain names created are not as creative as those coming from some of the other tools on this list.
Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About – NameMesh is one of the best domain name generator tool to check out if you have multiple keywords like to include in the domain. The list of domain names NameMesh creates based on your keywords is massive, and it’s neatly divided keywords into a handful of categories: New, Short, Fun, Common and SEO.

How do we use the tool? Start NameMesh by inputting your keywords. You can have one or many and select the TLD’s you are interested in. NameMesh will give you a large list of generated domains, and also indicate which of them are available for registration.

Extra Tip: Untick the option, “Hide Registered”, as this will give you a better overview of how certain domain names actually are. Basically, you don’t want a domain name that if most of its other TLDs are already registered.

Who should use it? Use it if you have a list of keywords and you’d like to have included in your domain name and you want to have them arranged neatly.

Let’s talk about NameMesh pros and cons.

  • The numbers of generated domain names is very large.
  • The Fun categories is particularly worth a look.

  • Some of the domain names displayed as available are not.


Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

About – This is my favorite tool to find a good domain names for fine-tuning my domain names and checking the availability of various TLDs. That being said, it is not actually a generator tool that you can use when starting from scratch.

How do we use the tool? Just start typing your relevant domain name or keyword, and DomainTyper will give you suggestions in real time without click any buttons, hence the name of the tool. As you are looking at the available domains, you can add or remove the TLD’s that interest you the most, and even check the available social media user names.

Who should use it? Use it if you are nearly certain as to what domain name you want to go with, but you’d like to check whether registering different TLD’s and social media user names for it won’t be a problem.

Let’s talk about DomainTyper pros and cons.

  • It works as when you type in real time.
  • It shows you all the available domain list (TLDs) at a glance.
  • You can add custom domain list (TLDs) to the search.
  • It also checks social media usernames.

  • It does not generate domain names per search.


Best Domain Name Generator Tools – Instantly Find a Good Domain Name Ideas

IsItWP offers a good and instant domain research tool. Starting by enter a few seed keywords or your brand name and it will display a huge list of domain ideas using a variety of combinations. also You can refine your search, start a new search, or click on show more results to view even more ideas of domain names.

Why Use a Domain Name Generator?

Choosing a perfect domain name is a time-consuming process. You will need to come up with a list of keywords and then check if they’re actually available one-by-one until you find a exact match and if you don’t, chances are you will end up choosing a ordinary domain names for your website that fails to make a positive first impression.

A domain name generator tool helps you save you time by automatically generating a lot of domain name idea’s for your brand. All you need to do is specify your idea’s by submitting one or two keywords. You will get huge list of available ideas instantly.

Some benefits of a domain name generator tools are:

  • Generate more descriptive or suitable domain name ideas as per your keywords or than you can think of.
  • Check availability of your relevant domain names quickly and easily with word combinations, word rhymes, and random suggestions will pop up.
  • Register your domain names right away before someone else does it.

What’s Next

We have a step by step guide on What Is The Right Way To Buy A Good Domain Name.

You may also want to consider How To Buy An Expired Domain To Rank Fast On Google

Once you have finally chosen your domain name, the next thing you need to choose is the Best Web Hosting To Host Your Website, so you can setup your website.

We have a Top Web Hosting Providers List And Which One Is Perfect For You. This is special guides for beginners to choose a super fast and best web hosting for your website.

Once your domain and web hosting are ready, you may want to use this guideline to create a beautiful and stunning WordPress Blog.

That’s all. We hope these domain generator tools helped you pick the best domain name for your website. If you want to continue learning WordPress, bookmark our NewAgeBlogging page, and visit for more content about WordPress and Online Earning Ideas.


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