Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Low Traffic Website 2020

Google AdSense is a great platform to Make Money Online from your website or YouTube channel. Everyone prefers to make money from Google AdSense while there are many AdSense alternatives available which can help you make a lot of money even from a low traffic website.

So here, i will tell you Top Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Website.

Google Adsense is quite a lot the first monetizing option, when webmasters come across AdSense, it is legitimate, profitable and measurable.

There are some high-paying AdSense niches that can help you earn more than 100 dollars per click nevertheless it’s not the end of internet revenues or even PPC revenues.

It comes with a fair share of downsides to getting Adsense approval isn’t exactly a cakewalk. You cannot withdraw to PayPal or even Google pay.

It doesn’t give you complete control over the ads you publish. Google Adsense isn’t exactly a gold mine if you have low traffic website.

When you are starting out the small website and without much traffic, Google Adsense doesn’t accept you easily even after you start actively running their ads. Your account is always at risk.

There are a lot of Google Adsense Alternatives that can help you to make money online with your website.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the online money-making platform that helps every blogger and YouTubers to monetize their blogs and YouTube Channel.

In simple Words,

It is an advertising program that is launched in year 2003 by Google LLC that allows to blogger and webmaster to monetize their blog.

Everyone knows about Google AdSense so I don’t think there is a need to elaborate.

So, let move to our main topic, which is the Top Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Website.

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Top 10 Best Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic And Small Websites

Here we present the top 10 best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic website in small business and you can say that these are the best AdSense alternatives for 2021.

Note: I will update this list time to time to give you fresh Adsense information alternatives.

So, please bookmark and notice this page and keep coming back when I upgrade it.

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Adsterra Network

Adsterra gives over 10 billion geo-targeted impressions every month. It is definitely one of the highest paying Google Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Website. If your visitors are mainly from first world countries its geo targeted ad impressions model is pretty unique.

You can withdraw your earning via Wire Transfer and PayPal. They also support other payment processors including web money pack, some and even Bitcoin.

The pay rates are great for both devices (Desktop And Mobile) traffic.  The CPM is pretty impressive. The ad formats include web pushed, direct links, vast pop-ups, browser notifications, Pop under banners and what not.


If you are looking for a like-for-like best and ever best Google Adsense alternative Media.Net is the one. Media.Net combined Adsense alternative for Yahoo and Bing.

Probably you have heard about, because Bing and Yahoo have jointly launched

Media.Net is the direct competitor of Google Adsense and second largest contextual Ad networks.

The cutting-edge tech house offers innovative advertising packages for publishers and clients by revenues. Tey are the second-largest contextual ads program across the world.

Too many unused demographics benefit from their traffic monetization solutions. It’s a great platform to start with they approve your account within a couple of days.

You get a 10% bonus over your earnings in the initial three months.

if you have a good quality website and getting the proper amount of traffic from it, so you can instantly get AdSense approval for your blog in a short period.

The payment threshold of Media.Net is 100$ and payment you can receive via Payoneer.

ProPellerAds Media

ProPellerAds network from the UK is considered the best by its publishers. They enjoy all the loyalty of the clients – on average three thousand visitors translate 30% of the ad revenue..

It’s a good pay rate both parties can agree on like the name suggests it serves as the perfect launchpad for smaller websites. It does not just pay for the hosting but funds your web project all along.

Since they have been in operations in 2011, they have quickly grown to one of the biggest brands in CPM. They are great with mobile traffic.

They specialize in following Niche’s movies, entertainment, games, finance and software. Where they give more for you than Adsense.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates it is a totally different Niche revenue model, Amazon affiliates as the ever best Adsense alternative for small website.

It has the potential to increase your revenue many times over. AdSense offers consistent revenue as long as you maintain high traffic.

Amazon affiliate program rather pays you per sale even with low traffic making serious revenue as a real prospect.

Micro-Niche blogs that are really small can benefit from the Amazon affiliate network. Bagging information about special discounts and promotions can be helpful.

In Additional Affiliate Marketing is the only method where you can be get paid every day as per your sell instead of a holding period of 30 daysContextual linking helps you get clicks on your ads and thus improves sales search and promotion.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

As you know, Amazon is the most popular online shopping website, and everyone can believe it blindly.

Before that, it was explain about amazon affiliate program, but after that,

Amazon has released its native shopping ads, which is on CPM based. 

It is an excellent choice and best alternative of Google Adsense,

but it is suitable for that website or blogs, which is getting traffic from the US and EU.

Also, I don’t think you can use it to monetize your blog.

Instead of going to Amazon Shipping Ads, you can use their affiliate program and I think that’s going to be the best choice.

It might be best for you. 

But still, it will be the best earning source for those blogs which are getting much traffic from the US and EU. 

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Top Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Website 2020
Top Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Low Traffic Website 2020


RevenueHits is a  best and great option if you are into WordPress blogging. This is a performance based ad network. It’s a CPA based system, Where you are paid for a specific user process.

For the most part, it involves registering to brand offers. Ads come with great text displays or both. It provides you with a large inventory of proven ads.

You can earn some extra cash even if you get traffic with Asian countries. They get over 2 billion ad impressions on a daily basis.

RevenueHits is the simple and best way to convert your digital assets into real income. Use RevenueHits intuitive platform and easily optimize earnings with the industry’s best performing offers.


PopCash again is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for small website. The approval process takes 24 to 48 hours. For the most part it’s pop-under ads.

There is no minimum traffic requirement and payment threshold as just 10 dollars. You can request withdrawal every day. They pay via Payza, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, cross-cheque and more.

The publisher has complete control over the ad campaigns. You can start, stop and pause ads at will you have access to detailed statistics which helps easily monitor your campaigns and revenues.

Advertisers can start the campaign with deposits as low as $5. It’s a fast secure and reliable network.


BidVertiser is definitely small website friendly. The approval is quick and easy. The Supported payment methods include PayPal, Wire transfer and checks.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is just $10. There is no minimum traffic threshold they follow a 30-day payment cycle like Google Adsense.

You get paid instantly, every time a visitor clicks on your ads. You also get paid extra if the clicks turned into a conversion. They let you know the highest bidders on your website.


Chitika is a lucrative option even within top ten Adsense alternatives for low traffic website. It pays a lot better in comparison with other networks.

They have text link, mobile phone displays and banner-type ads that count impressions and get you replaced with PPC.

You can withdraw via PayPal and minimum payout as just 10 dollars. Chitika also supports check and wire transfer. They follow a monthly payment cycle.

The ads are very highly targeted with excellent conversion rates. It is easy to complete thresholds and payments are processed quickly for click.

Chitika Has Shut Down

After 15+ years services in business and millions of publisher relationships, Chitika has shut down and closed its business permanently.


InfoLinks is quite popular for inline text advertising. 

It Displays ads that take links to ads with some keywords in content similar to yours contents.

You are paid on basis of clicks on these ads the more clicks you attract the more you earn. Publishers get a some share of the revenues.

InfoLinks shares 70% of the revenue with you the network supports PayPal payments as well as the conventional bank transfers and checks. As per recent developments they now serve in search, in tagging, and in-frame ads.

Final Words For You

Google AdSense is extremely best for monetizing your blog rather than others ad networks.

But in case you don’t get AdSense approval, you can choose other networks or your website doesn’t meet the AdSense policy so you can’t get Adsense Approval.

So these are the best alternatives to Google AdSense at the moment that help you make money just like AdSense.

Now it’s up to you whether you choose AdSense or other ads networks.

There are a lot of Google AdSense alternatives on internet, but these are the most trusted and popular networks,

I hope you liked this informative article, if you liked it, so please share it because sharing is caring and do comment down if you have any queries or any suggestions for this list.

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