9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host include

Right web hosting service provider is a prerequisite in starting your own online space. You will be running your business/ blog from the server space provided by a web hosting company and you will only want the best service possible.

This is an era where you will find a range of web hosting companies, promising quality services, and a lot of freebies. Do not fall into the trap and do your proper research, before taking the services from any web hosting company.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host include

This article will definitely get you started and will put you on the right track. You can also checkout different Web Hosting Reviews With Features, Pros and Cons.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host include

USP of the Service Provider

You could develop any kind of website; an e-commerce website, a WordPress based website, etc. The web host you decide to go with will hugely depend upon the website you wish to develop.

If you are building your website on WordPress platform, then you would like to choose a host that supports WordPress; there are different USPs of the different service providers. You will need to see which service provider matches your requirements the most.

Server Uptime

Uptime essentially means the total time for which your website will remain up and working. You need this percentage to be 99.999% because every time your website is down, you will lose customers & revenue. Many web host service providers promise stable hosting services.

 Cost vs. Benefit 

You will have to pay monthly charges for the services you take from any web hosting companies and you will want to pay as little as possible! Many hosting companies provide 3-4 packages, depending upon the scale of services you need.

You can check out unique plans offered by various web hosting companies and decide accordingly. I would suggest that you start with a shared server space of VPS services so that the cost of maintaining your business website doesn’t burn your pocket initially.

You can check out one of the well know company in the market GoDaddy. They also have many offers and promo code that will help you  get the perfect hosting plan at affordable price.

Possibility of Upgradation 

If you are just starting your website, then it is good to start with a shared space (as mentioned earlier) but then once your website sees good traffic, you will want to upgrade to a private server.

You should select a web host service provider which can help you with the effortless upgradation of your server space; you will not want to switch to a new service provider and shut down your website even for a bit!

Technical Specifications

We have talked about various packages offered by various web host companies; go through all the technical specifications mentioned in various plans/ packages. You could go for a basic plan but end up spending a lot of money because they required you to pay separately for additional support services, additional domains, backups, etc.

In fact, if you plan to operate a blog (or even an e-commerce website) with a lot of rich content and high-quality videos, then you should definitely not think of going for a basic low-cost web hosting plan.

Backend Support

Do not overlook this point. Period. There are moments when your website goes down and you do not know the reason for the same. You need to ensure that you get 24×7 backend customer support from your web hosting company.

In case your website is down, you should have someone to reach out to and talk about the technical failure. More than being accessible, the technical expert team of your web hosting company should be able to resolve the issue within no time.

Additional Services

Apart from providing web hosting services, there are a lot of companies that provide a lot of freebies to attract/sustain customers. Some examples of these freebies are easy installations, free web templates, money-back guarantee, SSL certification, unmetered bandwidth, latest versions of PHP & MySQL, etc. You can compare various web hosting companies on these parameters and make an informed decision.

Website Backup 

Your website can get attacked by a virus or it can crash or many other damages can happen. You will need to be prepared for all such scenarios and be ready with the backup. So, it is important to find a web host service provider that has a reputation to provide full backup (or a huge part) of a website. You will need answers to questions like:

  • Is manual backup available?
  • Does the web hosting company take frequent backups?
  • Do you need the help of a technical expert to get the backup of your website?

Once you have answers to a list of such questions, you will know which web host service provider to go with.

Hardware Used

If you want to know the kind of hardware used by any web hosting service provider, you will need to dig deep. Go through the published reviews of a company on dedicated communities, Twitter, Quora, etc.

You can ask hardware-related questions directly with the company’s representative, as well. You need to know about the hardware used by a web hosting company because the performance of the company’s server will depend greatly on the hardware used by the company.

You should always go for a service provider that uses new hardware.  Still in dilemma regarding which hosting to choose check out the buying guide here.

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